Movavi Screen Recorder- easy to use screen capture software

Movavi Screen Recorder, the name itself says that it is software that records the screen from Movavi. It is also a video recorder that will give you the various tools required to record a particular video. And you can even edit that video into polished and professional looking videos.

It is designed in such a way that it is easy to use and will take not more than few minutes for you to be familiarize with it. The most noticeable and best aspect of Movavi Screen Recorder and what stands out is just how intuitive it is as compared to other screen recorder and video editors which are notoriously complicated. Due to its user interface and simple controls it requires no prior expertise and even beginner will be able to use it without going through any steep learning curve.

As it has a feature of screen recording, so it provides full control over all the recording parameters you need. You can capture area, frame rate, audios source, sound level, highlight mouse cursor with different colors. While managing the recording it is easy enough with on screen controls, it also has hotkeys or shortcut keys that you can utilize.

The other feature of Movavi Screen Recorder is video editing feature. It adopts the same intuitive approach and contains a selection of powerful features. You can improve the quality of the video manually or automatically enhancing them with Movavi Screen Recorder. It also corrects issues like shaky, blurry or interlaced video footage, etc.

Some more features of Movavi Screen Recorder are as follows:

  • Record Computer Screen Video – Movavi screen recording software for PC lets you record any type of screen video: program demonstrations or how-tos, adjusting system preferences, and much more.
  • Highlight cursor, show keyboard actions to make your videos more informative.
  • Record smooth professional-looking screencasts at up to 60 fps.
  • Save Online Video – Create a collection of exciting web events – save your social media site discoveries, record webinars, and other valuable stuff!
  • Take advantage of the handy new timer: set the capture duration and take a break while the program is recording your computer screen.
  • Grab screenshots – With Movavi screen recorder for Windows, you can take screenshots any time you want, even while recording your screen!
  • Save videos to 180+ media formats – Save your video clips to AVI, MP4, MOV, WMA, MP3, GIF, and other popular media formats.

Finally there is variety of features in Movavi Screen Recorder that helps us to give a video more flair. It is a great tool to produce videos. So just download the software and enjoy making professional looking videos.

Optimum conversion of M4V files to FLV format

The Flash video files seem to work better in an online mode. Most of the websites make use of this flash video format for better visualization. Excellent data streaming features and it can be transferred to any external storage medium without much difficulty. M4V files cannot be compressed in an effective manner when compared to other file formats. This file format requires larger memory space and it is a tough process to transfer it in an online medium. Therefore flash video file format is greatly preferred than M4V file format. Based on the nature of application you can choose the right file format for excellent outcomes.

Image result for Optimum conversion of M4V files to FLV format

Stepwise procedure for successful conversion process

Step 1: The foremost step is to download the tool from its official website. Install the software by following the step by step instructions displayed in the command window. After successful installation process you can click on the icon of Wondershare video converter.

Step 2: The next step is to add the M4V file into the Wondershare video converter platform. Go to ‘Add Files’ tab which is available at your top left side of the screen. Click on the dropdown icon and navigate through the folders to spot out the right type of file. Select the desired file and add it to this environment. Another method is to drag and drop the required file straight away into this platform. Follow any one of the above discussed method to add the required file into the Wondershare video converter environment in order to begin the conversion process.

From the above screenshot you can witness that the entire window is divided into two panels named as ‘converting’ and ‘converted’. The converting panel displays M4V file and the converted panel will hold the target file. If you want to edit the added video then make use of the edit tools which are available beneath the M4V file. There are three tools namely trim, crop and add effects. Utilize the trim option to design informative beginning and end to the media file. The crop option helps to extract the necessary content from the added file. You can also add special effects to the M4V files by making use of the add effects tool.

Step 3: Now go to thedropdown icon which isdisplayed beside the target file in the converted panel. Click on the dropdown icon and you will witness the items from the expanded window. Select ‘video’ from the listed menu. The window splits into two panels. Choose ‘FLV’ in the left panel and select your desired resolution values based on your needs in the right panel.

The above screenshot holds the necessary settings to trigger the conversion process.

Step 4: Finally click the ‘convert’ button which is on your top right side of the screen. You can also make use of ‘Convert all’ button at the right bottom of the screen. Select the dropdown icon which is present beside the ‘Output’ label in order to identify the right memory location for the converted video file. Navigate through the folders and find a better storage space. Have a look at the below screenshot which displays the progressive stage of the conversion process

The below screenshot displays the successful conversion of M4V file into FLV file format.

Now the M4V file format has been successfully converted into FV file format without much difficulty. Follow the above discussed steps for the conversion process.

Innumerable applications

Wondershare video converter is utilized for many applications. Apart from conversion processes you can make use of it to transfer media files to any medium. You can also burn the streaming videos in DVDs. The recorded media files can be edited with the help of the edit tools for betterment. Fix Meta data to your media files in order to convert them more informative. All the process will be successfully completed within few minutes. You need not wait for long hours to witness the completion process. Wondershare video converter can be easily handled by a layman without any prior knowledge. Ability to follow instructions is enough to work with this fabulous tool. It has a lot of powerful function. Wondershare video converter serves as a boon to the video enthusiastic. The conversion process occurs 30 times faster when compared to other video converter tools.

Appreciable tool

Make a worthy purchase by placing your order at the official website of Wondershare video converter, it’s also a professional WMV Converter. The functions of this tool are highly appreciable. I am sure you will not regret for it in near future. This effective tool delivers quality output without compromising on any factors. Do not hesitate to order now in an online mode. Make use of secure gateways to pay for the subscriptions according to your requirement. Enjoy full featured Wondershare video converter to bring about miracle changes in the recorded media files.


9 Amazing Examples of Grid-Based Editorial Design 

If you’re looking to start a blog, then you should opt to design with a grid. The reason why more designers are moving towards grid-based designs is because it just look cleaner. Users want a presentation that’s symmetric, aligned and falls into a pattern that’s easy to understand. To help you show you what’s possible, here is quick collection of some of the best grid-based editorial designs you can learn from.

Image result for Grid-Based Editorial Design 
1. Voces

This beautiful example is for a Spanish art magazine that uses a combination of photography and long editorials. You can see how aligned everything is based on the second page. The timeline on the bottom matches up with the editorial layout. The images that are used are cropped neatly and centered in the columns to keep the look clean and create easy-to-read content blocks throughout the whole magazine.

2. Capital Magazine

Financial magazines usually fall short when it comes to design but Capital changes this perspective with their beautifully designed newsletter. The design is pretty much driven by typography which shows how important it is for designers to hone their typography skills. One thing that you’ll notice is that Capital uses different grid layouts on each page. This ensures that the design doesn’t fall into a pattern and constantly keeps things interesting.

3. We Are The Rhoads

We Are The Rhoads is a photography collection that uses grid design to showcase candid shots as well as black and white shots. They use a wide assortment of minimalist grid patterns to make this collection artistic. They also use typography differently than other designs. In many cases part of the type is cut away by the edges of the book. This creates a presentation that helps you transition into the book a little bit better.

4. Formula Magazine

Formula is a motorsports magazine, so you know you should expecting a sleek presentation and that’s exactly what you find when you start shifting through the pages. Unlike the previous examples, everything is neatly organized in a grid layout with predictable arrangement. This creates a balance between the content and the photography. Part of what makes this example so successful is the fact that there’s always enough negative space used to separate all the elements on the pages.

5. Mint Magazine

Mint magazine is a lifestyle magazine that incorporates bright photos, a variety of pastel colors and big headline driven editorials. Many lifestyle magazines like Mint can really be overwhelming. There tends to be multiple content blocks that are arranged randomly with each block competing with another. Mint does away with this with a very minimalist and clean grid design. They’re also not afraid of using their photos to serve as the background and arranging their content on top of it.

6. 10 Secrets to Designing a Magazine

This example is showcased in an article by Design Reviver. The article in question is called “The Top 10 Secrets to Designing a Magazine.” This is a great example because this page does not contain any images at all. It uses grids, drop caps, headlines, typography and other text elements to draw the reader into the content. Teasers in quotes are used but it doesn’t take away from the flow of reading the article as you often experience when reading many magazine editorials.

7. Travel Magazine

Grid-based editorial design doesn’t have to be as rigid as you think. This travel magazine was created by a design student. This design incorporates eye catching cut away images that often bleed into the grid next to it. The layout is quite unconventional but the design and presentation still looks clean. The reason why is because the pages do not have too many elements competing with each other. Each page only uses one quote box and the layout doesn’t take away from the content.

8. Revista Dale

This magazine seems to have the same sentiments as the travel magazine in the last example. However, this one seems to be less about making a dramatic statement through the layout and more about doing it through the visual cues. The main color used in this design is a slightly transparent yellow. You’ll see it used to highlight various sections, create patterns, add page accents and integrate overtones. These designs succeed in making the content pop and lead the reader throughout the pages.

9. Bilan Luxe

Bilan Luxe is a luxury magazine that stands out from previous examples. They use a wide variety of grid-based layouts. Some of their pages even seem to nest smaller grids into larger grids. Their layouts seem to be closer to the traditional magazine style layouts as opposed to cleaner grid-based layouts. However, their layouts often succeed because they use a healthy amount of space in their pages. Very few of the pages seem to be overly busy and the ones that have a lot content seems to be dialed back a little more than usual.

These examples should give you enough ideas to start a blog using grid-based design. Start out with clean and neat layouts as that helps you get used to this design approach. But don’t think that you can’t go outside the box. You’ve seen how some of these examples break away from the safe approach and still manage to get readers fixed on the photos and content. Given that you put the same kind of conviction as these designers have, there’s no reason why you can achieve the same effect.

Today's Home Buyer Expects Quality Staging

People who sold their homes years or decades ago might tell you that staging is not that important, but they are wrong. These days, home buyers expect a home to be staged, and they may find your home wanting if it is not. Fortunately, with the right balance of comfort and elegance, you may be able to sell your home more quickly, at a higher price.

Image result for Today's Home Buyer Expects Quality Staging

Design is Subjective

If you have ever watched an interior design show and found that you disliked the final results, you know that the way a home looks is highly subjective. The trick is to figure out what buyers want to see when they come in to view a home. Almost universally, buyers want to imagine how they might live in the home, not the way you live in the home. This means that you need to take out the things that root you and your family to the property, and keep the design elements that could be broadly appealing to a wide population.

The Home HAS to be Clean

Whatever your staging choices end up being, a home needs to be clean to sell quickly and at a high price. When buyers walk into a home for sale, they expect everything to be working, and they expect everything to be clean at the very least. If anything looks suspect, they will start to have doubts about the rest of the property. It doesn’t take much to get a buyer to move on to the next listing, and you don’t want to give them more reasons than you need to.

You Need an Objective Eye

In order to achieve this, you really need to get a qualified third party to come in and help. You might think that you are really good at spotting clutter, but after living in the home for many years, there are a lot of inherent design flaws that your eyes no longer see. Not unlike how an inspection is worth the cost to buyers, expenses made toward staging make a huge difference in the end for sellers, as appeal inside and outside of the home is paramount in every sale. Hire a home staging expert, or at least get someone you know who can take a really objective view of the space. They can point out the things you have done that do not present your home in a good light, and also call attention to benefits of the home that you might not notice anymore.

Your Home May Sell Faster

The goal is to get the best reasonable offer in the shortest period of time. The longer your home sits on the market, the less likely buyers are to come see it. If your home looks too lived-in or the design is distracting buyers from looking at the important aspects of the property, they may move on to sunnier pastures. The more buyers come and go, the lower your chances of an offer without dropping the price. Instead of waiting forever, staging helps you confirm that your home makes the right entrance on the market and get the offers coming in at the beginning.

You’ll Get a Better Offer

Imagine that you walk into someone’s home, and it has an old, worn carpet and ratty furniture. Now, think of that same space with a fresh coat of paint, beautiful flooring and furniture that looks like it came straight out of a magazine. Which one would you think is worth more? This is how buyers look at a home, too. A house that is dressed to the nines with quality products is one that buyers perceive has been cared for and requires less work before they can move in. Even if you have to spend a few thousand dollars to create this look, you may reap the benefits with a sale price tens of thousands of dollars higher.

Getting your home ready for sale take hard work and time, but it is worth every penny. For your investment, you will enjoy a higher chance of selling your home quickly, for your asking price.

Are you in search of some suitable professional course?

If yes, then this is the course for you. CFA level 2 classroom training is for all those aspirants who wish to make a large difference to their present occupation. The professional needs keep changing as the technology and globalization is ever changing. Old methods of allocating resources give you better results, but the world is heading towards the best. Your training will provide you all aid to travel this short, but important distance from better to the best.

Related image

Why CFA?

CFA is a finance online training of the second of three levelsthat help you grasp the real world investment analysis. Investment is a kind of preparing yourself for future calculated risks. To meet the risk we often plan atpresent, so that we can enjoy its benefits in the future. But lack of knowledge results in making wrong investment and we may not get the expected returns. This is where your CFA training helps you.

With the training you will come to know the market governing principles, that play an important role in the speculation. No wonder your training will help you acquire all the essentials of becoming an investment expert. It will guide you as how you can implement your grabbed knowledge ofinvestments. It will make you an expert in the field. You will be a person who is capable of making best use of the teaching and using the knowledge to suit the market speculations. It will make you proficient financial analysts who have understood the pulse of financial market through the online training.

How E- learning helps in grabbing the training?

The learning of the basics and the fundamentalsof CFA is made easier through online learning. You enjoy studying at your free time and from anywhere you wish to. The training is imparted through virtual classroom where your teachers are an expert. They possess 20+ of experience in this field. They are well versed in the financial accounting. They will make your learning procedure easier with the help of extensive exercises and study material.

The course is available in downloadable form. The teachers will get connected to you through virtual classroom. You are welcome to consult them whenever you have any doubt on any specific topic. Though there are doubt sessions, but dedicated teachers are always available to you through mails, chats and phone calls. The classroom training will initiate complete preparation of exam for the next level.

Benefits of CFA

Your specialized training will help you climb higher in your career field. The CFA is beneficial to investment professionals who wish to increase their present skills with the sole aim of grabbing higher designation. The training benefits all those aspirants who wish to make a career in the financial field. Needless to say the course is for the aspirants who have successfully qualified the CFA level 1.

Follow The Tips For Developing E Commerce Website

In comparison to ancient times, lifestyle of people has changed many more. All facilities and services are available for them at their doorstep. There is huge number of online shopping sites, entertaining sites available on the internet. Just by sitting at your home, you can order your needed item at once. You will get all your daily needed items, clothes, footwear, electronics, gadgets, grocery items and other things. Your ordered item will be delivered to you at your given address within specified amount of time.  You will also get replacement option if you did not like your ordered time. Such shopping sites are known as e commerce sites. Before using any e commerce website, you should also check its reviews so that there will be no fraud in future. E –commerce webdevelopment companydevelops website in such a way that user can access it without facing any problem.

Image result for Follow The Tips For Developing E Commerce Website

Website for your e –commerce business should be designed in such a way that user likes it and do not want to go on another site. If they did not like your website design or user interface, there may be chance that they will be move to another website and purchase their needed items from there. e commerce is website that should have all searching and buying option in an easiest way.  There are number of website designing company in Delhi, and you may look towards them for having own e commerce website.

For designing your e commerce website in an effective, follow all below given tips:

Sign up and call action button

Add phone number and contact information so that customers may contact you easily. Also think about buttons and other fields that you add on your e commerce website.

Purchasing without register

Number of customers hates the long process that involve registration and other process. Your website must be flexible that customer can order their item without registration.

Easiest Search function

Involve best search function in your e commerce website so that customer will be able to find their favorite product at once. No need to go from next page to get complete detailed information about your product, you will get information on the same page, and you only have to scroll down that page. List for all items in search list so that customer will get their favorite product only in one click.

Quick and fastest navigation feature

When customer place order of their favorite item, they want to know about their purchase process and its complete details. Without navigation feature, customer will be bored and they do not have idea where their product is and in how much they will get their favorite item. Navigation step is also helpful to undo your mistakes and edit your details.

Adding favorite item to shopping cart

It is best advantage of any e commerce website that customer will be able to save their favorite item for later purchase. Customer totally wants security and their personal shopping detail at any time. So, you should have to sure about that you will be able to provide all best features to your all valuable customers. Get security certificate from any security site for web design companyand upload it on your e commerce website so that all customers check it.

7 Everyday Uses for Casters

You might think that casters are only used for things like restaurant trays and rolling library shelves. However, casters have a wide variety of uses in the home, too! Here are just seven ways to bring mobility to your belongings around the house.

Image result for 7 Everyday Uses for Casters

  1. Chairs

It’s common for wheels to be added to chairs. What people don’t always realize is that they can add the wheels themselves instead of shelling out for a chair that already comes with them. A few casters and a little DIY spirit can turn any chair into a rolling chair, so if you have a favorite sitting place in your room, consider making it mobile!

  1. Desks

You’ve heard of rolling chairs, of course, but what about a rolling desk? It’s perfect for both home and office use since it can be transported between cubicles just as easily as it’s pushed to another room. Say goodbye to lower back pain from physically hauling your desk from place to place! Rolling desks can be quickly and efficiently moved wherever you want.

  1. Toolboxes

Build your very own “man cave” with a toolbox that will roll throughout the garage. While it works best with those heavy, upright toolboxes that come with a dozen compartments, you can technically add wheels to anything with a base. Then it’s just a matter of hooking an ankle around it whenever you need a screw while fiddling with something at your workbench.

  1. Luggage

Travelers, this one is for you. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on luxurious rolling suitcases with a zillion built-in attachments. If you just need a few wheels on your luggage to make it easier to haul everything between airport terminals, add them yourself. Manufacturers make all kinds of luggage casters that will suit your needs.

  1. Kitchen Islands

If you have a portable kitchen island, it’s probably already on wheels to necessitate its movement around your cooking space. However, you don’t have to be satisfied with the wheels that are already attached to the unit. You can replace them with heavy duty casters if you want to increase the weight capacity of the island.

  1. Coolers

Before you plan your next party, vacation or general get-together, consider adding wheels to your coolers. Not only will you be able to take them to your guests instead of the other way around, but clean-up will be a breeze. Just wheel your cooler to the drain and tip it over to dump the excess water and ice. Never again will you have to strain!

  1. Laundry Baskets

Last but certainly not least, you haven’t seen true home convenience until you’ve added wheels to your laundry baskets. Roll them from room to room to pick up your kids’ dirty clothes; use them to haul wet, heavy clothes between the washing machine and the dryer. You’ll be amazed at how much physical labor that you can cut out of your day when you use wheeled laundry baskets.

These are just a few ways that you can use casters around the house. Don’t feel limited by these suggestions, however; the great thing about casters is that they can be applied to anything with the right tools. If you feel like adding wheels to something else in your home, go ahead and do it!

Los Angeles Comedians

Need a comedian to make your Los Angeles party more fun? Then Special guest offers you some of the most popular Los Angeles Comedians. We have an array of talented Los Angeles Comedians that you can hire for your event.

Here is the list of our talented comedians-

  1. Vincent Oshana:

Vincent Oshana is an Actor and Comedian based in Los Angeles. He is also a Veteran Air Force of Middle East who was born in Yonkers, NY. He was recently seen in the comedy adaption of Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades of Black and MTV comedy series The Return of The Mac. He was also seen in a popular sitcom Till Death, a sketch series In The Flow With Affion Crockett, and he was also a part of Damon Wayan’s sketch series The Underground. He has emerged as one of the popular comedians of Los Angeles and his stand-up shows have also been featured on Def Comedy Jam and Kevin Hart’s The Next Level.

  1. Keon Polee:

One of the brightest and funniest emerging talents in Los Angeles, Keon Polee has certainly gained much popularity in the recent times. He was the winner of Battle of Bay 2011, winner of Flappers Uncle Clyde’s comedy competition in 2011, and winner of Rooster T Feather’s comedy competition. Keon is currently living in Los Angeles and he has done stand-up shows in Japan and South Korea as well. Currently, he appears on shows like Laughs, We Got Next season 2. He also appeared on various radio shows such as Spotify, SiriusXM, and Pandora. So it is quite evident that this rising talent has much to offer.

  1. Tony Baker:

Tony Baker is an experienced comedian who has done stand all across the globe. He was also seen in Last Comic Standing season 2, Fox, Aspire, Starz, CBS, and MTV2. Thanks to his Tony Baker Voice over series. He has quite a strong fan base and social media presence.

  1. Scott Shimamoto:

Scott Shimamoto has been popular for his comedy since childhood. He even gives credit to his Latino friends and says that he grew up with Mexican people and he has learned much from them. With them, he has learned to take verbal abuse in good sport. He also organizes charity fundraiser comedy shows that helps in uplifting the American Cancer Society. He also did the opening act for Tommy Davidson at Academy of Comedy Arts and Science Associated International. Shimamoto was also seen performing the opening act for Paul Rodriquez at Ice House Comedy Club in California. The talented comedian has also hosted local radio show “Out Front La” on 107.1 FM in the 90s.

These were some of the talented bunch of comedians that we have at Special Guest App. Special Guest has lots of other talented comedians for you to book for the event. All you have to do is download the app and select the comedian whom you want to perform in your show- Voila, you got them. Yes, it is that easy.

The Top 10 Landing Page Builders

Landing pages are an essential part of any marketing projects or sales-based website. Having a landing page to direct your visitors to a call to action is one of the best ways to convert traffic into results. By building your own landing page with a landing page building tool, you can tailor the way the page is formatted and designed to suit your products. Check out these top 10 tools for building your landing pages and start boosting your conversion rates today.

1. Instapage

Instapage is a landing page builder designed to increase conversions on your website. The landing pages you’ll create with this product can be responsive or fluid to your liking. Instapage also offers a wide range of text and vector images to supplement your existing designs.

2. Launch Rock

Smaller businesses and those just starting out will appreciate Launch Rock’s pricing; the ‘Starter’ service is free and the ‘Professional’ package is just $5 per month. This landing page builder lets you create a parallax landing or ‘Under Construction’ page for any desktop or mobile website. You can even install a pre-built contact or subscription form to collect user data.

3. LeadPages

LeadPages is a well-known, robust landing page builder used by many corporations. This online tool for building landing pages from scratch can help you create a responsive page in just minutes. Simply select your desired colors, text, and element placement and upload your content to create your first landing page. This landing page builder uses a monthly subscription pricing starting around $25, making it ideal for medium-sized businesses.

4. Lander

Lander is a landing page builder application with a two-week free trial. After the trial period you can choose pricing and features ranging from $16 to $149 per month, depending on the needs of your websites. This app lets you start with pre-designed templates that work well for any business. You can construct ‘Coming Soon’ pages as well as conversion pages for ecommerce, products, webinars, and more with this downloadable landing page builder.

5. GetResponse

GetResponse is a great landing page builder for small and medium sized businesses. That’s because it offers a free trial with full access to its hundreds of pre-designed templates. There are over 1000 images in its database which you will have access to as a subscriber. GetResponse builds fully responsive landing pages with mobile in mind.

6. Thrive

Any business owner can create their own landing page or ‘Coming Soon’ page with Thrive’s easy to use landing page builder. This is a great tool for those starting or maintaining mailing lists and client databases. Thrive offers landing page themes with easy video embedding and floating, pop-up contact forms.

7. Landingi

Landingi is a landing page builder designed with lead generation in mind. This powerful custom landing page builder will work for any ecommerce or events website. It’s also great for businesses with services and memberships subscriptions. Landigi is a point-and-click page builder, so you won’t need any knowledge of coding or even HTML to create your own landing page.

8. PageWiz

PageWiz is a landing page builder with a free 30-day trial. You can use this web application to create landing pages for any CMS or website. As long as you have web hosting to upload your HTML and CSS landing page to, this online tool will work for you. PageWiz has an impressive array of templates and themes to base your landing page on.

9. Unbounce

Unbounce is a landing page builder that’s focused on preventing your users from ‘bouncing’ away from you site upon their initial visit. Unbounce is on the costlier end of the builders on this list, but offers over 75 amazing landing pages with it’s most basic subscription plan at $79 per month. You can try this landing page builder free for 30 days.

10. OptimizePress

If you have WordPress web hosting and need a landing page for your WordPress site then look no further than the OptimizePress landing page builder. This tool can be used to build responsive landing pages in under 15 minutes. This popular WordPress tool also works with membership portals to convert visitors into paying members of your site.

By creating a well-designed landing page for your advertising links to direct to, you will ensure your most important information is seen first. Landing pages can contain any type of content including motion graphics, videos, and short sales pitches. Consider utilizing bright colors and exciting wording to motivate your landing page visitors to take action. Make sure your primary call to action button is easy to find and use, and consider collecting user data such as name and email through a form on the page. Landing pages have turned countless websites into virtual traffic-to-sales conversion machines and with these top landing page builders your website can see the same results.