How to Create A Tutorial Video on Your Desktop Easily?

I have been making many tutorial videos for my students as well as my YouTube channel from my desktop. Most of those videos are of me speaking into the microphone connected to my PC or computer while I am recording the tutorial live.

Many people ask me how I record these videos and they think I use some sort of hidden trick or something. They ask me which software I use and they think it comes bundled with Windows by default or your Mac for that matter.

I have finally decided to reveal how to make how to video and I am also going to name the software that I use in order to make those videos. Not only that but I will also tell you how to download, install and use the software, so that you can directly get started with using the software and trust me, it is very easy.

How to make how to videos?

So here it is. The software that I use to make video tutorials is called Movavi Screen Capture Studio and it is a very good software when it comes to screen recording. You can not only record the screen, but you can also record audio from your system or from your microphone.

You can also edit the videos using the same software so it’s a great software overall.

How to download & Install this tool?

Downloading and installing this is very easy as you just have to follow the following steps.

  • Go to this page and download the software by clicking on that download button.
  • After the download is complete, just double click the downloaded file and the setup will start.
  • Choose the appropriate options in the setup and proceed.
  • The setup will take around 1-2 minutes to complete.

How to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio?

Using this software is just as easy as installing it. After installing the software, just start the program and you will see a window similar to the image below. Follow the steps after that.


  • You can see that you can record video from your webcam as well. You can do that if you need to but you can also capture your screen.


  • On the screen you will have options to set the capture area resolution and you can also choose the audio source which can be your microphone or system audio or both at the same time.
  • As soon as you click that REC button, the software will start recording the desktop screen and you can finish the recording.

More features!

After the recording is complete, you can also go ahead and edit the videos using  the same software. When it comes to recording the video, you will be able to record the videos at 60fps which will make the videos buttery smooth and they will be a pleasure to look at.

The video editor along with the capture studio is like cherry on top of the cake as it provides more functionality and you do not need any extra software at all.

This is a great software to use when it comes to recording tutorials that you can use.

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