This happens everyday

That we keep our connecting devices and gadgets very safe and secure from prying eyes is nothing new to us all who have a android phone or a tablet and other devices that enable to have a easy life and carry out all our functions in the most efficient way possible. These are not safe even if you make several times sure that they are. Every person has a weak moment when he or she has to leave the smart phone even without wanting by thinking that it is as safe as he thinks it is. But there are many occasions when people get the curiosity to have a sneak peek of what is going on in your life and these people happen to be the most trusted people that you can ever think of. The intruder might look into your latest data, your personal and financial details, your accounts in the banks and try to use his or her sneaky talent to make your life miserable and become very messy with you and even with details that make other jealous of you like your bank balance and other things, create road blocks in your life path. So, it is time that you keep all that is private as private and never allows a sneaky person to get hold of your life. You earned it the hard way!

Necessity not a luxury!

If you have been thinking that keeping your private life is a task which has to be taken very meticulously and make it hard for yourself. But this is no longer the case as the LEOprivacy guard 3.0is here to make these matters easy and simple for you. It is very easy to install on any type of device and especially android devices such as the smart phones. Therefore, the product is very versatile and easy to operate once it is installed on your phone or tablet. Thus it can be understood that making your personal information safe and secure from those prying eyes and prying people is to have this process done on to your device.


How it works:

The product carries out several duties which will simplify your connected life forever. To start with, the appearance of the device is completely transformed to give it a very interesting and attractive cover on the screen. This will make you more interested in keeping the appearance this way in future. The application covers and masks those applications that are displayed on the screen. The screen saver itself acts as a protector as it is the application which will look just like what it is and it will not create any curiosity in the mind of the intruder to open the device and look through its contents.

The display

Apart from saving your data in a secure under cover, the application is useful in other functions as well such as a visual appeal; the life of the phone battery is also extended at every charging time. If your battery was running for two days, with the help of this app, your phone battery would serve for more than two days and this makes it cheaper and also offers that the battery saves some money also. The files that are saved in the smart phone or tablet are made secure and especially the media files such as photos and videos. This alerts any breach of safety as it happens.

It is popular

Many testimonials prove that more than one hundred million around the globe have installed the LEO privacy guard 3.0 for its effectiveness.



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