What to do before starting your kitchen and bathroom renovations

It is often incredibly important for most home-owners to repair or renovate their home to improve the beauty and functions of their home. People often try to work out ways to upgrade the various areas in their homes. In case you have been planning on renovating areas like your kitchen or bathroom , you must be sure of certain things before starting on the home improvement.

For your bathroom and kitchen renovations,  contractors say that certain preparations are needed because of the functions carried out in these areas. To be able to manage all food and hygiene related activities normally despite these rooms undergoing renovation, it is important that you consider certain points recommended by home experts before you start your home renovations.

Firstly, it is advised that you renovate one bathroom at a time. This is recommended so that your daily hygiene and bath practices are not disturbed since you have an alternative. As soon as one bathroom is done, you can then shift from the alternative to the renovated bathroom and get renovation done in the other bathrooms. In case you do not have multiple bath areas, you might want to consider the idea of constructing a make-shift outdoor shower. However, for that it is important that the weather is sunny since you do not want to be freezing in icy water in an outdoor shower.

Secondly, in case of kitchen renovations, most home experts would advise that you create a make shift or secondary kitchen outdoors. That way you can use the garden hose and vat to wash your dirty dishes and you can use portable stoves outdoors. You may want to use a  hotplate to suit your convenience in case you cook only for yourself. You might want to consider replacing the cooler outdoors too to store your food items and ingredients at the right temperature and also prevents any pests or mosquitoes from buzzing around the food items or around your cooking area.

You may as well want to replace your refrigerator to another room with easy access in a room that is near your outdoor kitchen. That will make it easier to store food in the fridge and also store cooked food for use later.

Also, you must consider scheduling any activities that need to be carried out in the areas of renovation in a manner that it does not hinder either the renovation work not your activities. You may want to schedule renovation breaks in case your activities are inflexible in the hours that need to be carried out in. That way, you will never be a distraction for the renovation workers and the work to be carried out will not suffer too. It is thus best that you pre plan any renovation that needs to be carried out in your kitchen and bathroom to minimize any hindrances in your daily activities.

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