Steps To Move OS To New SSD

Moving an Operating System to an extremely new SSD can be a tedious job. For this purpose, one should first of all know that what SSD is all about. The full form SSD is solid state disk. This is the device that stores the data with the help of a circuit. If we compare between the SSD and the hard disk’s which were used traditionally, then this solid state drive is much better and has many strengths. It is Ease to move os to ssd by just following some simple steps. There are no movable parts in the ssd. One should always go for it as it does not include much power and is extremely reliable.

Most of the people have the doubts as to how to transfer os to ssd for the purpose of enhancing the performance of their system. Most of the people also want to do this to replace the system to a larger one than before. One can make this task very Ease by just moving the operating system to the solid disk drive, instead of doing installation. For this purpose, one should definitely use EaseUS software as it would make everything easier and convenient.


A person should not depend upon any sort of third party for this purpose. Just follow the steps mentioned below for moving the operating system to a brand new SSD. One thing should be kept in mind over here is that this process is a little complicated and the person can also lose his or her important data if they don’t follow the steps carefully. This is the reason why it should be done with full devotion and concentration.

The first thing which should be done is to go to start menu then “computer” should be chosen by right clicking on it. Then the next thing to be done is to click on Manage option. There would be a header with Storage written on it. Then choose the disk management option under it. These steps should be performed very carefully and once they are completed, then the person should choose Shrink Volume option. Once all these tasks are performed, then the new os would just require a small amount of space so that it could fit conveniently in the SSD. This way the people can also move windows 10 to ssd.

Then click on the “Backup and Restore” button. The other step to be done is to select the type of backup drive for the purpose of storing up the image. After all this procedure is done, then the computer should be shut down.

The third step which should be done afterwards is to allow the computer to boot. Then choose “Repair you computer” option. Then the image which was selected previously for the purpose of restoring should be selected. Then go to the next screen. “Use the latest available system” is then selected from the screen which was opened next. The person should not wipe the other drives and for this very reason, everything should be checked twice and with full attention. Then choose “Exclude Disks” option. The other pop up would appear and then click on Next button. The final step to be performed is to click on the Finish button after that.

A popup menu would appear on the screen, being similar to that of a warning signal. Just select the Yes option. The other step to be done is to Shutdown the computer and then the computer should be restarted again. The final step to be performed is to reboot the computer. Just follow all these steps with full care then the people would be able to successfully move the OS to their new SSD. People should use this EaseUS software by themselves and then it is for sure that they would recommend it to their near and dear ones as well. It is the best software available and the other added advantage over here is that is saves a lot of time by doing the work easily. This way the burden of an individual is also lowered down many folds.

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