Nintendo 1-2 Switch sub-games could be the oddest we’ve heard of

When it comes to quirky games, we expect that from Nintendo – but the new title for its Switch, dubbed 1-2 Switch, sounds just downright weird.

The idea of 1-2 Switch is to offer a host of mini-games that take advantage of the mobile part of the console. These use its motion sensors to turn the Joy-Con controller into, well, all sorts.
Of the 28 games included in the 1-2 Switch package some oddities are in the forms of simulated cow milking, sandwich eating, virtual shaving and telephone answering as fast as you can. These will, somehow, be fun – apparently. Sure we could imagine racing a mate to answer the phone might get addictive, the competitive part rather than the call-centre feel, of course.

But it’s the baby simulator we find near disturbing. This turns the Joy-Con into a virtual baby that comes complete with wailing and crying. Your job? To rock the baby-cum-controller until it gently falls back to sleep. So, essentially, one of the toughest parts about being a parent with none of the pay-off. Sure.

Hopefully the quick draw wild west style shooter game will be amazing and that can carry this title’s worth alone, since the rest sound pretty niche to say the least.

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