Brackish Water Supplied at Home? Here’s How Kent Prime Can Help with its Mineral RO Technology

Brackish water refers to briny water that has high content of salt as compared to fresh water, but lower than sea water. There are several areas that are natural sources of brackish waterIn India. Kerala backwater, for instance, is one of the largest lagoons of briny water in India interconnected with a network of water channels, lakes, rivers and sea. Although not fit for human consumption, brackish water serves as a natural habitat for a wide variety of fauna and flora.


A View of Backwater in Kerala

In addition to large water bodies that contain brackish water, many areas have underground wateralso have high salt content. Many countries, for instance,use briny water for cooling down power generation units, drilling. The problem, however, arises when water supplied to your home is brackish. How will you purify or distill the water to make it fit for human consumption? This is where water purifiers can help you out. The water purifiers available online or at a consumer appliance store efficiently treat water with high salinity. One particular product that has been specifically built to treat brackish water is KENT PRIME.

Features of KENT PRIME

Created and manufactured by KENT, India’s largest healthcare product company,KENT PRIME is driven by the state-of-the-art technology that controls total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water while retaining the natural goodness of the water.


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Below are the salient features of KENT Prime –

  • Double Treatment by RO+UV+UF
  • In built TDS controlled that adjusts the TDS level in the water
  • Purifies brackish water and tap water
  • Full automated operation with auto on & auto off function
  • Computer controlled operations
  • Filter change alarm to indicate replacement of filters
  • UV fail alarm to alert failure of UV system
  • High power 11W UV lamp to eliminate harmful micro-organisms

The above mentioned features indicate the technology used in KENT PRIME. There are other gradations of Kent water purification system that makes it a perfect choice for domestic use. Those attributes are listed as under:

Modern Design: KENT PRIMEhas a wall mountable design, which makes it ideal for Indian kitchens. The water purifier snugly fits into a kitchen and is easy to install and use.

Large Storage Tank: The water storage capacity of KENT PRIME is 9 liters of water. This means you will never run out of clean drinking water at home, especially during long power cuts.

Additional Features:Apart from the attributes mentioned above, KENT has a number of additional features such as:

  • SMPS –The Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) feature protects the appliance from voltage fluctuation
  • Push-fit components – All the components are push fit which prevent leakage and wastage of water.
  • ABS Plastic Construction – The purifier is built with non-breakable ABS plastic construction that protects the water from contamination and also enhances the longevity of the appliance and corrosion free performance.

KENT PRIME is a highly versatile and suitable water purifier for Indian homes. The water supplied at home may contain high levels of brine, heavy metals and other forms of impurities. Drinking contaminated water can bedangerous as it leads to a number of waterborne diseases such as dehydration, brain damage and even death.

Last Few Words

The human body is made up of water and salt. Presence of both the elements is important for healthy functioning of the body. An imbalance of either component can be detrimental to one’s health. Therefore, if your water supply in your home has high levels of salinity,buy KENT PRIME water purifier online or through a brick and mortar store. By consuming pristine and healthy water instances of diseases and ill-health can be significantly reduced.

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