Five Ways To Enhance Your Image Quality

Capturing life’s important moments has been made easy, thanks to modern technology that has made available phones and tablets with sophisticated cameras and other features to help us do just that.

However, there is a difference between taking a picture and having a wonderful and quality image. There are many tips and tools that can help you turn your pictures into quality images; here are some of them.

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  1. Lighting

The basic principle behind almost all photography is that you need light as there is no image without light, and poor light will result in a poor image. You should do everything to avoid reducing the light between the object and the sensor; otherwise it will impair image quality. Examples are windows that partially block light, smoked dome covers or lenses with poor optics and small apertures.

This is because the image of an object can only be captured when the light rays hit the image sensor (or filmstrip) and it is from light emitted from a light source (such as a lamp or the sun) that reflect off an object and enter the camera through the lens. Therefore, the importance of light to image quality cannot be overemphasized.

  1. Avoid zooming

Sometimes, you might be tempted to zoom-in if you are someone who loves taking photos on your smartphone or tablet; it is not a good idea in most cases as zooming in will compromise the quality of your photo, making it to have a granular look. It is better to move closer to the object, if you are unable to get closer, take the photo from a distance and then crop feature later.

  1. Take control of focus

Most cameras can automatically focus using the central focus point, which can equally produce sharp images in many situations. However, as a creative photographer, take some control over the focus point because your subject will not always be in the centre of the frame. Therefore, you must master the skill to get your camera to focus on exactly the point that you want to be sharp.

  1. Go for a camera with a higher megapixel

We have moved from the era of traditional film cameras to the digital era. Note that images from a digital camera are composed of picture elements called “pixels” which are tiny little squares, each with its own value representing colour and intensity; the more pixels in your image, the better the quality of the image. One million pixels equal a megapixel (commonly written as “MP”), the more megapixels a camera is rated for, the higher quality images that camera will produce.

  1. The Use of Photo Editing Software

There are so many digital photos editing softwares with exciting tools that offer endless possibilities for creativity. My favourites are photoshop and photolemur. With these editing/enhancing softwares, you can take average pictures, edit them and end up with a professional looking image.

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