Detailed description of the Node.Js

Node JS is a prominent web development framework which has lately become popular because of a variety of reasons. Before you sign up for Node JS online training, you should learn about why the Node JS is so important and how taking a Node Js online course in Chicago will prove to be helpful to you.

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Javascript plays an important role in node JS and every implementation that is done at the back end is done with the help of Javascript only. Node Js basically uses the V8 VM, launched by Google to ensure that the process of implementation is well executed. VM is a run time environment that is brought in use by the Chrome and makes sure that the applications run in a very fast pace. Another thing that makes Node special is that it has a variety of inbuilt libraries and modules which you can make a use of as a developer thus getting all the ease while writing codes. You can pick up a lot of stuff from these libraries and thus you’d take less time to reach to the conclusions.

When using Node, you need to take a note of two basic things, one is its library that stores modules and directories and the other is the runtime environment. In spite of varied functionalities you can use the Node JS for developing the server side applications along with some specific type of the networking applications.

There are a variety of features of node that make it special and preferred in comparison to the other frameworks. The first reason behind making a choice here is to know that the node JS is driven by the APIs and all of these APIs are asynchronous. Asynchronous means that these are non-blocking in nature so that the server will not have to depend or wait for the data to be released on an API.

The speed of applications is improved with the help of node as it stores the data in the forms of chunks and thus completely eliminates the need of data buffering. If you are aware of the concept of event looping, you should know that in spite of being single threaded, node JS is still highly scalable. There is no sort of blocking at the server end and the requests are handled by the limited threads that are created as per the needs thus contributing in improving the scalability.

If you are thinking about the areas of applications where you can use the Node JS, you should know that many bigwigs like yahoo, PayPal, Uber, eBay, GoDaddy, etc. use it. So if your development requirements are around applications that stream huge amounts of data, apps that are based on JSON APIs, applications that are I/O bound or the simplest single page web based applications, you can bring into use the Node JS.

Once you do all the basic setups and follow the beginners guide to proceed with the coding, you would realize that you would constantly learn and be able to implement its concepts in a better way.

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