The best buying source of Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol is a.k.a Clen, a drug that helps to treat respiratory ailments, asthma, as a bronchodilator. Its airways dilation property increases the flow of oxygen and cures such illnesses. But, on the other hand, the same has been used by athletes, sports person, bodybuilders in cutting cycles and burning fat.

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Facts behind buying clenbuterol

The Beta-2 receptor is a Beta-2 agonist present in the body that is stimulated by clen, increases the body temperature, thus the fat starts to melt within a few weeks of clen cycle. Clen is neither a steroid nor an anabolic androgenic drug. It is basically used only for a therapeutic purpose. So, with the doctor’s prescription only, you can purchase Clenbuterol. Though there are plenty of sites selling the drug, it is the users’ key work to identify the safe sites to buy from.

In the USA, Canada the drug is not even used for medical purpose, but still, other countries sell it in local pharmacies. The drug cannot be purchased as an over-the-counter medicine and it is better to buy real Clenbuterol only from the best sources as pharmaceutical grade labs instead of underground labs. Generally, a pharmaceutical grade clen is available in 20 mcg, 40 mcg, and 50 mcg strength. When you come across the clen tablets anywhere apart from the cited dosage, it is definite that it is not a PG drug. Though Australia and the UK allow the drug’s consumption, clen cannot be legally purchased in the UK. With a veterinarian’s prescription, Australian residents can buy clen only for the veterinary purpose and not for humans. New Zealand rules also alike Australia.

Clen with T3 Cycle:

In the past recent years, clen with T3 cycle has become very popular and has been listed amount the list of drugs that instigate and deliver a fast reduction of body weight. This cutting cycle increases the body metabolism up to 30% than the standalone. This cycle is suitable for both the genders. It is otherwise called by the benefited users as “Zero size pill” which is extensively recognized by Hollywood stars, fashion models etc.

Clen doses:

MEN: As other AAS clen should be taken at the right dose. The best dose of clen for men is 80-160 mcg which can be stacked with T3 Cytomel 12.5 per day in cutting phase. The cycle can be either two days on and two days off with stack or two weeks on and two weeks off as standalone. Clen can be stacked with Winstrol, Deca-Durabolin, Anavar or Dianabol up to eight weeks. If you are allergic to clen, then the side effects would be a cardiac arrhythmia, high blood pressure, cardio vascular problems.

WOMEN: Though clen is a powerful, safe thermogenic drug, still women can use it in specific doses. The best-recommended dose for women is 20 mcg per day for three weeks and they can increase the dose till 120 mcg. Higher doses for a long term usage can be risky. The side effects for women by clen are perspiration, muscle cramps, insomnia, high blood pressure.

Since there is a severe legal problem existing in the clean purchase, it is important to find out the safe place and safe sites to buy from.

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