Has Technology Totally Taken Over Us?

The wave of technical advancements has completely modified the living style of the people. People today, not only think according to the technical aids but also dream with the same. The technology has completely transformed our lives and we even fail to realize the growing impact. Here are some of the ways in which the technology has overshadowed our lives and has completely gained control.

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  1. Making us an addict: How long can you go without your phone? You too must be a constant checker of your phone like many of the people. Today’s youth has become addicted to their smart phones and spent most of their time using it. The addition of using the smartphone has gone to such a level that this generation has all their activities updated on all the social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Even mobile games and online games like bettingtop10 or games like blue-wheal make have different impact on human psychology.
  2. Unbalancing the sleep: The constant involvement has also impacted our sleeping habits. The present generation is known for staying up till late night using their smartphones. Moreover, these technical gadgets have completely taken over the traditional alarm clocks and calendar for managing the schedule. People now are dependent on the technology for balancing their day’s activities.
  3. Altered attention: Technology may have brought us closer to our distant friends but have certainly taken us away from the people next to us. Due to the constant use of technology, we often forget the person who is present with us in the real situation. Remember the time when you and your friends met and you all were busy with your phones rather than talking in person?
  4. Unwanted alertness: Since we have become so addicted to all the technical products around us we often face unwanted alertness from these gadgets. Most of us have a habit of keeping our phones with us at all times while some are severely addicted to other gadgets. Thus, our world has become compact around all these technologies.
  5. World of dreams: There was a time when people had dreams of having a happier life but now even the dreams have been modified with the grown involvement of technologies in our lives. People now dream about smartphones, laptops, iPhones, PS, etc. The identity of dreams has also modified with our living standards with the influence of technology in our way of living.
  6. The ease to communicate: Remember the old time and its struggle to communicate with your loved ones? Gone are the days when one had to wait for hours for communicating or when it was necessary to be physically present at the place for meeting someone. The advancement in the technology has helped us in providing the ease to communicate with anyone at any time and from anywhere. The options of video calling, Skype, messengers have taken the level of communication one notch up.
  7. Subconscious journey: It is a fact that people remember the important facts by associating it with something. Since, we are all the time surrounded by gadgets like phones, television, laptops, iPad, iPhones, etc. that we have forgotten the value of real objects and when it comes to associate something with our important stuff, we are left with nothing but our gadget world. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that we are traveling our sub conscious journey with the world of gadgets.


There will not be anyone who will deny the importance of gadgets in our lives and how deeply they have influenced our living. What are your views about the growing connection with the technical toys? Is it good or taking us on the wrong path?

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