Can Mobile Phone Contribute In Education?

Education in India has evolved over years. Now a days, education is not just bound in classrooms, rather it now covering various areas of technology. Many boards of India like CBSE, ICSE etc. have started a new way of learning by introducing the digital classrooms.

This article is based on whether mobile phones are useful in education or not. It is a contradictory topic as every parents in India cannot afford good education for their children but still they try to provide whatever they can. On the other hand, the parents who are able: think that mobile phones are the one that are the main cause of distraction to a child. But this is not so, mobile phones can be put to best use in terms of education.


Following are some points that show that cell phones can really contribute in the Education:


  • Using Mobiles for Recording the Teaching Sessions: Not every student has the same brain nor they have a same pace in learning a particular thing. By using cellphones, the students can video record the session given by the respective teachers. This will help the child in studying in his/her own pace. Also, the student can replay, rewind and forward the video whenever they want.


  • Providing Study Materials to Students: The children do not require to write in the classroom, rather than that the teacher will provide the video lectures to them via mail. This saves the time as in a short period of time the whole lecture can be finished. Unlike earlier days, when the teacher used to stand and wait for the children to finish writing whatever he/she dictates.


  • Mobile Learning Apps: Nowadays there are mobile applications developed that the children are finding very useful for their study purpose. One of them is the Byju’s- The Learning App which is the reason for a lot of student’s success in India. Thus from this, it is evident that mobiles can be used as a learning tool too.


  • Digitization also helping in using Mobiles in Education: This term digitization is very common in India. With the increasing number of subscribers for Internet in the present world, the Indian Government is planning to provide cheaper or free internet facility in many parts of the nation. With this, there would be no longer a worry in using mobiles in education.


These were some points that show that mobiles can be used in the field of education. But still a problem prevails as 70% of the India’s population resides in rural parts of the country. The middle class or the rich parents can afford mobiles for their children but the people in rural areas cannot. Therefore, it is an effective measure with a lot of disadvantages.


About the author:

With a degree in Engineering, Saswati Ghosh is a content writer by profession. She is passionate about creative writing and blogging along with an interest in reading and part-time teaching. She is presently exploring all about the digital education with Byju’s-the Learning App.


Agile Vs Scrum

Due to their good reasons, Agile and Scrum both are very popular terms. Jointly they are capable of ruling the business world. Their quality is better showcased in project management and development by initiating the process: faster and cost effective. When both are important then what makes them differ from each other?

Agile is a method of developing software and managing projects. It focus on the working of the small teams, sprints and empowerment, Whereas scrum is one of the simplest methodology of the Agile. It represents the structure and rules as to how the rules and roles of Agile are put into use. Scrum is one of the adopted methods out of Agile numerous methodology.

Image result for Agile Vs Scrum

Agile and scrum course provides you with the opportunity of learning two things together. To make Agile a big success, scrum backs it. Scrum plays 3 roles for agile, of product owner, of scrum master and of self managing team. It is one of the important course that you should think of due to following reasons-

What makes agile and scrum so imperative?

  • Scrum works best in the projects where lots of uncertainty is involved ahead and for the projects that are governed by multiple changes. The main aim of the scrum is to manage the unmanageable work following the set of defined process that allows flexibility. If your project is about the creation and collaboration types, then your team splits to get the things done at a much faster rate. In such cases Scrum plays the best role.
  • On the other hand, Agile lays a guiding principle for software development, whereas the latter is a specific set of rules that are required to be followed while practicing the former.

Advantages of Agile and scrum

Agile and Scrum Training in Kolkata will provide you with the best of both worlds. Grab the training for not making an addition to your present education, but also to open numerous career gateways for yourself.

  • The quality of the product- Following agile development, a regular inspection is carried when the product is in progress . This makes a product owner to make changes whenever and wherever he feels the need of. The entire process is watched so ultimately what the customer gets is the finest and quality product.
  • Highly visible-As a bird’s eye watch is kept on the progress of the product, it gives the owner a complete idea as to how much time will be taken to complete the cycle. Plus, it also provides him with the clear picture of how much product or project is completed and how much is remaining.
  • Facilities cost control- The complete process is checked while undergoing agile methodology, it helps in making an exact how much cost will be involved in the complete processing. This helps in controlling the cost and work in the fixed budget.
  • Excellent communication- The training polishes the communication skills of the students. This plays an important role in making the two ends meet.

Detailed description of the Node.Js

Node JS is a prominent web development framework which has lately become popular because of a variety of reasons. Before you sign up for Node JS online training, you should learn about why the Node JS is so important and how taking a Node Js online course in Chicago will prove to be helpful to you.

Image result for Detailed description of the Node.Js

Javascript plays an important role in node JS and every implementation that is done at the back end is done with the help of Javascript only. Node Js basically uses the V8 VM, launched by Google to ensure that the process of implementation is well executed. VM is a run time environment that is brought in use by the Chrome and makes sure that the applications run in a very fast pace. Another thing that makes Node special is that it has a variety of inbuilt libraries and modules which you can make a use of as a developer thus getting all the ease while writing codes. You can pick up a lot of stuff from these libraries and thus you’d take less time to reach to the conclusions.

When using Node, you need to take a note of two basic things, one is its library that stores modules and directories and the other is the runtime environment. In spite of varied functionalities you can use the Node JS for developing the server side applications along with some specific type of the networking applications.

There are a variety of features of node that make it special and preferred in comparison to the other frameworks. The first reason behind making a choice here is to know that the node JS is driven by the APIs and all of these APIs are asynchronous. Asynchronous means that these are non-blocking in nature so that the server will not have to depend or wait for the data to be released on an API.

The speed of applications is improved with the help of node as it stores the data in the forms of chunks and thus completely eliminates the need of data buffering. If you are aware of the concept of event looping, you should know that in spite of being single threaded, node JS is still highly scalable. There is no sort of blocking at the server end and the requests are handled by the limited threads that are created as per the needs thus contributing in improving the scalability.

If you are thinking about the areas of applications where you can use the Node JS, you should know that many bigwigs like yahoo, PayPal, Uber, eBay, GoDaddy, etc. use it. So if your development requirements are around applications that stream huge amounts of data, apps that are based on JSON APIs, applications that are I/O bound or the simplest single page web based applications, you can bring into use the Node JS.

Once you do all the basic setups and follow the beginners guide to proceed with the coding, you would realize that you would constantly learn and be able to implement its concepts in a better way.


Huge number of candidates is looking for National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) 2017 exam so that they can take participate. NATA 2017 exam registration has now closed and candidates may get their admit card from the last week of March 2017. Admit card is only valid document that shows that you have applied for this exam and must carry it to your exam center. Till 2016, NATA conducted through only online mode and two times in a year. Since 2017, NATA exam will be conducted once in year and will be conducted in offline mode. NATA 2017 exam has two parts: paper 1- drawing paper and paper 2 – general aptitude and mathematics.

Image result for NATA Exam

Aspiring candidates have to clear both exams for taking admission in B.Arch in various colleges. B.Arch course. This NATA exam is national level aptitude exam which is conducted by Council of Architecture (CoA). All aspirant candidates should have information about NATA 2017 exam elated important dates. All dates are given here:

 Events                                                                                                 Date

NATA 2017 registration form                                                   January 02, 2017

Last date of registration                                                            February 11, 2017

Last date for payment of NATA 2017                                     February 13, 2017

Availability of NATA admit card                                               March 26, 2017

Date and time of NATA 2017 exam                                April 16, 2017 (11am to 2 pm)

Expected date for NATA results                                                 June 10, 2017

NATA 2017 Exam Eligibility Criteria:

Before applying for this exam, interested candidates must check that either they are eligible for this exam or not. Candidates should apply for NATA 2017 when they able to meet all eligibility criteria of this exam.

  • Age of aspiring candidate should not less than 17 years.
  • Candidates should have 10th and 12th class passing certificate from any recognized board or school. Minimum percentage in 10th and 12th class required is 50 %.
  • Candidates, who have diploma certificate, require 50 % marks from any well known university or educational institute.

Candidates have to visit official website of NATA 2017 which is for filling application form. Enter your all basic and educational information, upload your scanned documents like photograph and signature and pay your application fees. You must have to pay your application fees before last date so that you will confirm your candidature in this exam. Before submitting your application form, check all information once again so that there will be no mistake in your application form.

Exam pattern of NATA 2017:

Higher officials of NATA 2017 conducting team said that exam will be in offline mode and in two parts. All candidates must have knowledge about exam pattern so that they can prepare in a way.

Paper 1 – Drawing Paper

Candidates have to draw 2D or 3D with given theme. Visualization, symmetry and sketching will be analyzed in the sketches. 2 questions will be in paper 1 each of 40 marks. All candidates have to attempt both questions and they will get 90 minutes to complete them.

Paper 2 – General Aptitude and Mathematics

60 questions will be in paper 2 from mathematics and general aptitude. Each question is of 2 marks and candidates will get 90 minutes to complete all questions.

5 Reasons Why A Coaching Institute Can Make or Break You

Several students take competitive exams every year. Various factors can be attributed to your performance in a competitive exam. Student-coaching relationship can be one of the decisive factors. Whether you are preparing for NEET or JEE, you need guidance at every step. There are various coaching institutes in India that promise about offering the right guidance. But, a coaching institute that can shape your preparation for success needs to be sound on these facets.


Faculty members need to be experts in their subjects

While zeroing on a coaching institute, students pay weightage to the experience and expertise of its faculty members. For instance, students from Chennai who dream of making it into IIT Madras, or any other IIT across the country should consider Aakash Institute. Based on the onlinereviews ofAakash Institute Chennaibranches located inAdyar and Ashok Nagar, it is obvious thatstudents are content with the expert guidance of the faculty of the Institute. Also, the number of students qualifying for JEE from Aakash Institute Chennai is increasing every year. This is because mentors at the institutepay specific attention to doubt clarification and approach the entire JEE syllabus in a planned manner. While offering lectures, they make the best use of illustrations and images to ensure that students have their fundamentals right. They also prepare study materials with enriched content to give detailed information on every topic or chapter.

The environment at a coaching institute should be motivating

It is important for a coaching institute to create a motivating environment for students. Mentors should pay personal attention to every student’s learning curve andmotivate them to work hard. They can also help studentsto develop time management, pressure handling and problem solving skills.

Doubt resolution sessions should happen frequently

If you happen to come across recent Aakash Institute Chennai reviews contributed online, it will tell you how students have benefited from periodic doubt resolutions session. As per the reviews, students feel quite satisfied by doubt resolution sessions at Aakash that are conducted by the expert faculty of the Institute. So, it is important that every trusted coaching Institute regularly holds doubt resolution sessions to solve queries of students.

Regular practice tests should be conducted

It is important for students to gauge their preparation level at regular intervals. Regular classroom tests alert students their strength and weaknesses. From tests that deal in specific chapters to mock tests, there are different ways in which students can keep track of their performance. Also, well-known coaching institutes provide detailed performance analysis report to help students improve their score, speed, and accuracy after every test.

Classroom infrastructure should promote learning

Classrooms of a coaching institute should be designed such that mentors can pay equal attention to every student during the lectures. There should be a limited number of students in each batch.Seating arrangement should also be comfortable so that students can attend long lectures comfortably and attentively. The classroom should also have proper acoustics to prevent echoing during lecture delivery.

A coaching institute plays an integral role in preparing students in the right manner, therefore, zero in on the one that takes care of all the above mentioned factors.

Join The Most Proficient Online Course For Developing Skills

Ruby on rails is a beginner’s course which treats the customers on how to develop the Ruby on Rails applications from the latest idea or the projects. For the training sessions, the trainees will have to bring their own personal digital devices such as laptops to learn and experience the languages and the software personally on their own device. It will furthermore provide better understanding to the users as well.

Related image

First of all the basics are taught to the students on Ruby on Rails programming then further experiences are shared with them relating to Rails MVC architecture and other information on how to setup the databases as well as how to upload the images on the websites. It is basically an intermediate workshop for the beginners in this field. There are various levels for the trainees such as the Basic Ruby experience is for the trainees who have earlier attended the Ruby on rails online course in the previous section. It will furthermore provide better understanding to the users as well. The ruby on rails training is being given to various people in various cities and countries, the best centre though is in London which provides the best training session for the newbie’s and the beginners. The innovative methods followed to develop the skills of the trainees are very impressive and clear all the queries and the doubts in one go.

Topics to cover in the Ruby on rails online course in Dubai

  • Brief intro to Ruby.
  • Rails Scaffolding and Routes.
  • The MVC Architecture.
  • Setting up a database.
  • Migrations
  • Images Upload.

It provides excellent sessions which are thoroughly enjoyed by the trainees. The training sessions are also very interesting and help in building the interest of many students and also engage the interactions between the people. The training session provides the trainees and the newbie’s with the basic understanding of the hardcore soft ware’s and languages and the masters them in all the skills so that they are able to communicate with the developers in an efficient and technical way without any discrepancies. All this leads to growth and development of the business as well as an individual.

It is best for the beginners who don’t have any knowledge regarding the coding, basics of HTML, CSS, etc. The mastered skill of the tutors helps in mastering the languages and other basics within a few hours. It is an insightful and interactive session for the beginners and the newbie’s. A newbie must have version of Ruby (1.9), Rails (3.x) and git installed in their personal device. After the installation, the newbie will receive various messages related to the next installations and steps to be followed. This helps the trainees in developing a more flexible team with their developers and helps them in gaining a better insight of information for the users as well as the developers. All the basic skills are developed and the concepts are cleared. The tutors engaged in developing the capabilities and potentials of the students are very patient and cooperation. A certificate is also received at the end of the session.


DTU Cut-off Comparison

Delhi Technological University (DTU) students have been placed in excellent companies for the academic session 2013-14. The 2014 DTU cut-off was out and the academic session began on 1st August and more than 40 reputed companies visited the University and 265 job offers were received in the first month of Academic Year 2013-14. DTU scored Rank 1 in placements in the Best Colleges of Engineering survey conducted by Outlook including IITs.

Image result for DTU

Google, USA has offered 93 Lakh pay package ($1,15,000 + 125 Google Stock Units) to Mr. Himanshu Jindal, a 4th-year student of Department of Computer Engineering. 11 students bagged offers from EPIC, a US-based software company. EPIC offered to pay a package of 1,05,000 USD (70 Lakh INR) to Mr. Nilesh Aggarwal, a 4th-year student of Department of Software Engineering, DTU.

When you compare DTU cut off 2014 with DTU cut off 2013, you will see that the DTU cut off decreased.

DTU cut off 2014 Vs 2013 after first round is as given below

GENERAL (2013) GENERAL (2014)
COE 1921 4239
ECE 4763 10116
ME 7133 13964
EEE 7044 13416
EE 9206 16227
IT 6626 8573
CE 10656 19484
SE 7879 11395
MCE 10646 17939
PCT 13149 23899
PIE 12011 21684
EP 13349 23063
BT 13696 24497
ENE 14174 25190

Thapar University is another university that is considered among the leading privately managed engineering institutions of the country. Thapar University cut-offs can also be compared to DTU cut-off.

Know about cut-off marks of Thapar University.

Exams Under MH CET

The Maharashtra state government announces the notification for Common Entrance test CET for admission to undergraduate, post graduate and integrated programmes in Government and private institutes of Maharashtra. The MH CET will conduct the entrance test for those who are applied for various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. After successful completion of entrance test Counselling and Admission processes are done through Centralised Allotment Process under state Entrance Test Cell i.e., (MHT CET)

Image result for Exams Under MH CET

Maharashtra Common Entrance Test

This is the entrance test conducted by the Maharashtra Test Cell for various programmes like medical, engineering and agriculture courses, Maharashtra MCA Common Entrance test (MAH MCA CET) for Admission into Masters in Computer Application Programme. And also, MAH, MBA, CET Maharashtra Common Entrance test for Admissions into MBA and Masters in Management Studies. And MH CET LAW 2016 is conducted yearly for admission to 5 years integrated Law programme and 3 years LLB courses.

The Subsidiary exams under MH CET 2016 for Admission to various undergraduate and post graduate and integrated programmes in the Institute of Maharashtra were conducted separately. The MH CET exam probably conducted in the month of MAY and the medical and related courses entrance exam is conducted then the results are revealed in the month of June.  So many candidates have taken nearly perfect score and they got their admission through MH Test Cell.

Maharashtra CET LAW Entrance Test

The Maharashtra state government announces the notification for Common Entrance test CET for admission to the Admission of 5 years integrated LAW Programme and  3 years LLB Programme. Candidates are requested to fulfil the following eligibility criteria for appearing in MH CET LAW 2016.

  1. Candidate should have 50% marks in 12th. And He/She Must have scored 50% in HSC Examinations and No rounding off.(49.9 also deemed)
  2. For reserved candidates it is 45%.

Age Criteria-

There is no upper age limit for MH CET LAW 2016 but the eligible candidates for 5 years programme lower age limit is 18 years and 3 year LLB programme the age limit is 20 years only.

Registration process will be in the month of MAY and they can edit their application till end of MAY.

Application Process for MHT CET 2016

To apply for the MHT CET 2016 candidates are directed to apply through online from the month of MARCH beginning to March End.

To register through online candidates can follow the steps below

  1. Open the website or official web portal and click the “MH-CET- 2016 Registration”
  2. On the time of online registration candidates have to enrol their personal Details and Educational Details.
  3. Then Candidates have to upload their scanned copy of Photographs and Signature.
  4. Once successful completion of online registration the Bank Challan will be generated candidates are advised to download that Challan for future purpose.
  5. After completion of 48 hours candidates are requested to pay their fee amount to nearest State Bank with downloaded Challan.

Thanks for reading this post. We promise you that we will update our site with more contents.

What Does a Classroom in the 21st Century Look Like?

When you think about a classroom, you are likely to envision a room with rows of tables and chairs in neat lines, forming columns and rows. The teacher will be at the front of the room, explaining whatever it is that they are teaching to their class, students deep in thought at the table. This may be the traditional classroom, but it certainly isn’t the classroom of the 21st century.

Today, people no longer go into classrooms much. Because everything is online, and thanks to advances in virtual classroom software, people now attend classrooms from the comfort of their own home, with a screen in front of them. Now, a classroom is an imaginary room, where teachers can have individual contact with their students, and where students can communicate together as well. It can be hard to imagine exactly how this works if you have never been to a virtual classroom, but it is a proven to be effective method. If you look at the fact that many bachelor and master’s degree being offered 100% online, it becomes clear that this really works.

The world has advanced in a range of different fields, often so fast that it is hard to even keep up. The internet is one such example. It has so many different applications that it is hard to get your head around it. However, the concept is actually quite simple. A student downloads and installs a piece of software onto their computer, connects to the internet, and is then able to interact with their teachers and fellow students, regardless of where in the world they are. The software itself is very simply to understand. Essentially, it creates a spot on the internet that takes the place of a classroom. Those who have the right credentials to enter these spaces can then use it to learn and interact.

Advantages of Virtual Classrooms

There are a number of clear advantages to using virtual classrooms:

  • It offers fantastic time saving opportunities, since students no longer have to travel to school, nor does the teacher. This means classes can always begin on time.
  • The systems are very easy to use, which means no specific skills are needed in order to use it.
  • It is very easy to communicate directly with a teacher directly, either during, before, or after the classes. In fact, students find that they feel more heard by studying in a virtual classroom.
  • It offers the opportunity to network with fellow students, albeit in a virtual way.

Disadvantages of Virtual Classrooms

There are few disadvantages to this form of learning, but nothing is perfect. As such:

  • Virtual learning isn’t for everybody. Some people need real interaction and a real place to go in order to be motivate enough to actually complete the program.
  • All interaction is virtual, which means some people feel they lack the human touch.

The classroom of the 21st century has changed, and this has opened some fantastic new doors. The virtual classroom, therefore, is no longer a thing of the future, it is here now.

Score well and get direct admission in best engineering college!

So you have decided to go for the toughest exam in learning. Engineering is definitely one of the hardest exams to crack as it needs a technical mind to become an engineer. You have to be extremely brilliant to cope with the studies of engineering college. You have to score well and come out with flying colors in your competitive exam to get through the admission in the best college for engineering easily. If you are thinking for direct admission in top private engineering colleges in India then you have to work day and night smartly and crack various competitive exams of engineering. You need to see the area of your expertise to get the admission. There are many colleges who are offering direct admission on the basis of scholarships and merit. These leading colleges are helpful in making career in the field of technical and professional education. Private colleges offer direct admission in ME/M.Tech and BE/B.Tech through college level vacant seat and management quota seat in top private engineering colleges in India.

Mediators or companies track and monitor engineering admission:

There are many mediators and companies that have the largest engineering college network across India and they not only offer you secured admissions but provide you admission in low cost possible for direct admissions via management quota seat. You do not have to pay huge bucks to get admission in these engineering colleges and you don’t even have to pay any sort of donation with low tuition fees. These mediators or companies track and monitor engineering admission positions of colleges constantly and offer you the great valuable updated information about admissions in engineering colleges, placement records as well as college reviews. When you have planned up everything about your career then it becomes very important to think about the best college admission directly or through various exams and scholarships.


Get direct admission in engineering college:

Presently there are many colleges that are offering direct admission to BE/B.Tech in every private engineering college in India. So in case you are interested in getting admission through quota then you can try your luck online through various college admission sites. They will provide you all help needed to get admission directly. When you are looking for ways to get direct admissionin top private engineering colleges in India irrespective of fewer score in competitive and entrance exam, you’re at the right site and place. They will assist you completely in getting direct admission in best private colleges.


Go for best chemical engineering college:

When you are planning to go for chemical or mechanical engineering then it is always advisable to go for admission in the best college available for chemical engineering and specialized in the specific field. Chemical engineering is a different branch which is highly famous especially among students who’re interested in choosing machines and science. Engineers who are graduated from chemical engineering are hired by companies for the bioengineering field like operation and development of plants, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industries and beverages and food industries. If you are looking for such field jobs then this specialization is better for you and colleges who are good for chemical engineering should be preferred by the students.