Today's Home Buyer Expects Quality Staging

People who sold their homes years or decades ago might tell you that staging is not that important, but they are wrong. These days, home buyers expect a home to be staged, and they may find your home wanting if it is not. Fortunately, with the right balance of comfort and elegance, you may be able to sell your home more quickly, at a higher price.

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Design is Subjective

If you have ever watched an interior design show and found that you disliked the final results, you know that the way a home looks is highly subjective. The trick is to figure out what buyers want to see when they come in to view a home. Almost universally, buyers want to imagine how they might live in the home, not the way you live in the home. This means that you need to take out the things that root you and your family to the property, and keep the design elements that could be broadly appealing to a wide population.

The Home HAS to be Clean

Whatever your staging choices end up being, a home needs to be clean to sell quickly and at a high price. When buyers walk into a home for sale, they expect everything to be working, and they expect everything to be clean at the very least. If anything looks suspect, they will start to have doubts about the rest of the property. It doesn’t take much to get a buyer to move on to the next listing, and you don’t want to give them more reasons than you need to.

You Need an Objective Eye

In order to achieve this, you really need to get a qualified third party to come in and help. You might think that you are really good at spotting clutter, but after living in the home for many years, there are a lot of inherent design flaws that your eyes no longer see. Not unlike how an inspection is worth the cost to buyers, expenses made toward staging make a huge difference in the end for sellers, as appeal inside and outside of the home is paramount in every sale. Hire a home staging expert, or at least get someone you know who can take a really objective view of the space. They can point out the things you have done that do not present your home in a good light, and also call attention to benefits of the home that you might not notice anymore.

Your Home May Sell Faster

The goal is to get the best reasonable offer in the shortest period of time. The longer your home sits on the market, the less likely buyers are to come see it. If your home looks too lived-in or the design is distracting buyers from looking at the important aspects of the property, they may move on to sunnier pastures. The more buyers come and go, the lower your chances of an offer without dropping the price. Instead of waiting forever, staging helps you confirm that your home makes the right entrance on the market and get the offers coming in at the beginning.

You’ll Get a Better Offer

Imagine that you walk into someone’s home, and it has an old, worn carpet and ratty furniture. Now, think of that same space with a fresh coat of paint, beautiful flooring and furniture that looks like it came straight out of a magazine. Which one would you think is worth more? This is how buyers look at a home, too. A house that is dressed to the nines with quality products is one that buyers perceive has been cared for and requires less work before they can move in. Even if you have to spend a few thousand dollars to create this look, you may reap the benefits with a sale price tens of thousands of dollars higher.

Getting your home ready for sale take hard work and time, but it is worth every penny. For your investment, you will enjoy a higher chance of selling your home quickly, for your asking price.

6 Tips on Caring for Your Iron Fence and Iron Gates

Iron fence and gates are very attractive when installed to a property. They not only add protection to your house, but also good looks. However, it takes maintenance to keep their grace alive. There are a few tips that you can use to keep your fences and gates look beautiful throughout.

1. Take Protective Measures

Wrought iron rusts when exposed to elements like humidity and rain and thus, it can make your fences and gates weak and poor-looking. This problem is less common in Arizona than other states due to the climatic conditions, but it is still better to take some preventive measures. To avoid rusting, you can put a coat of wax on your wrought iron fence and gate. Alternatively, you can put a tarp on them during occasional rains. If the fence is near the pool, it is well likely to get rusted. In such a case, applying a protective sealant can help. You can get it at any hardware store near you.

2. Keep Your Fence and Gate Painted

Painting your fence and gate will also protect them from rust and damage. Paint, just like wax, creates a layer between iron and air which carries humidity. This layer will minimize oxidation and prevent rusting. Moreover, painting your fences and gates will give them a new look.

3. Cleaning

Keeping your fences and gates clean will not only make them look good, but will also help you in detecting any potential problems. Use a mixture of warm water and dish detergent to do the cleaning, and use a toothbrush to clean the hard-to-reach areas. Clean the rusted areas and dirt off the fence and gate. After washing them with the mixture, rinse them with water and let them dry completely.

4. Regular Inspection of the Fence and Gate

Most problems can be easily fixed when spotted. Keep inspecting the iron fence and gates for cracks, loose or unstable footings, rust, etc. Look for chipped paint if the fence or gate has been painted. Chipped paint can allow space for rust to develop. Identify the areas of damage and take steps to repair it.

5. Repair Rust Spots

If you notice that a small area of your iron fence has begun to rust, you can easily fix it by following just a few steps. Clean that area with sandpaper to remove the rust. Then, apply wax to block further contact of iron with air, which will reduce oxidation and avoid the rust from developing any further. Paint that area to cover the spot. Painting can easily prevent rusting if you do it time to time. However, if a larger area of the fence or gate is affected by rust, you might need to call a company which specializes in repairing wrought iron fences.

6. Fix Bent Sections

If a section of your fence is bent due to an accident, then you can fix it yourself. Use a blowtorch to heat the bent section and then, use hammer to bring it back to its place. Take precautions while using the tools. However, if the damage is severe, you might want to call professionals to fix it.

Handmade Metal Design is a company that can create anything that you imagine with iron. To see more of their work, check their website:

Xiaomi Mi Box 3c, Mi Box 3s Set-Top Boxes With AI-Based UI and 4K Support Launched

Xiaomi Mi Box 3c, Mi Box 3s Set-Top Boxes With AI-Based UI and 4K Support LaunchedXiaomi has a tendency to surprise its audiences with all the unique products that are churned out of the company every other month. The company has now announced its set-top boxes Mi Box 3c and Mi Box 3s that come with user interface PatchWall, which is based on artificial intelligence. Due to the implementation of artificial intelligence, the user interface will reportedly learn the viewing habits of the users and accordingly make the suggestions, which are likely to become better over time.

In terms of specifications, Mi Box 3c is capable of 4K video playback at 60fps and is powered by a 2GHz quad-core Amlogic S905 (Cortex-A53) processor. The set-top box comes with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of flash storage. In terms of connectivity options, Mi Box 3c comes with support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac, an HDMI port, Bluetooth 4.1 LE, and two USB 2.0 ports. The device comes with company’s infrared remote control.

Coming to the slightly beefed up version among the set-top boxes, Mi Box 3s comes with support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) and is powered by a 2GHz quad-core Amlogic S905X (Cortex-A53) processor. The Mi Box 3s packs 2GB of RAM and has 8GB of flash storage. While the PatchWall UI on Mi Box 3c is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop, the one on Mi Box 3s is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Apart from these differences, most other specifications of the set-top boxes are similar.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3c and Mi Box 3s will be available for sale at prices CNY 199 (roughly Rs. 13,500) and CNY 299 (roughly Rs. 20,300) in China from November 22.

Greenhouse Construction – Build a Cedar Greenhouse

Quite often, we find that our love towards plants acquires the form of a hobby and we need more space to arrange, beautify and nourish them. It is here that most of us can consider a greenhouse construction. While deciding on the type of construction, one can look at the option of building a Cedar Greenhouse. It offers many natural benefits like repelling insects and termites, resisting decay, as it creates its own preservative and insulation. Plus you get the scent of cedar which is quite pleasant. A beautifully built cedar greenhouse in the yard also adds to the beauty of the garden and the house.

The most important function of any greenhouse system is to keep plants alive during cold months through heating. Therefore, your residence type will determines the frequency with which the heater will be used. Most people need to keep their plants at their correct temperature for survival. It becomes important to find out then if you will need portable or permanent heating when considering your greenhouse construction plans.

A typical Cedar Greenhouse is made up of Cedar lumber which is needed for flooring, low side walls, and frames. Sometimes, polycarbonate is used for sidewalls and roof but most people prefer acrylic product or other plastic materials for this purpose. While constructing the house, one also needs to decide on which door will be needed along with air vents.

After building the structure of the house, one now has to come to heating. Which type of heating system will be used has to be decided after due deliberation. Electricity, solar power, or a combination of both can be selected for the same. While deciding on the heating system, you should also first see that the house gets the benefit of the sunlight for the types of plants you are growing. The placement of the house should be efficient enough to manage the plants in the garden.

Finding good service providers when it comes to building cedar greenhouse is particularly difficult due to the level of expertise required. Founded and owned by Richard Diesl, Glass garden builders is one such company that helps you constructing or restoring your greenhouse garden most efficiently. Specializing in unique, individualized greenhouses and solariums, Glass Garden Builders are more responsive to customer service needs than are many of the national greenhouse chains. They take special pride in the restoration and repair of historic greenhouses, rather than knocking them down for a new national-chain greenhouse. Contact them today for a quote and get your greenhouse garden done with utmost precision and personalized touch.

Ideas to pick bathtub for you

The refreshing area in our home is always our bathroom. We love to spend time in bathroom. It is the place where we spend some time alone for us to refresh our mind and our body. The bathroom can be made into a luxurious one when we add the required accessories. The most important aspect that everyone should have in their bathroom is bathtub. According to the convenience of the people the type of bathtub can be selected. There are lots of bathtub models available in the market. And they vary with the cost and features too. Before buying the bathtubs you should have few of the considerations that are more vital in the selection process.

Nowadays the bathtubs can be bought through online too. But you should be cautious from whom you are buying and what kind of bathtub you are buying. Only then you can able to get the reliable one that could fit under your needs. So first of all you should analyze about your needs. The bathtubs should be selected according to the size of the bathroom. The size of tub should make the bathroom to look clumsy and no space. Instead we need to select the one that could fit in the size of the room as well as it should not make the appearance that there is no space. In order to achieve this, you can go through the various kinds of bathtubs that are available. Recently the kind of bathtubs that is increasingly preferred by the people who has the small bathroom space is the corner bathtubs. They can be set in the suitable corner of the room and if needed a shower enclosure can be attached. In addition to these there are lots of types available like built in bathtubs, soaking bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs, walk-in bathtubs etc.  Next to the size of the tub you should focus on the type of material in which the tub is made.


You can even seek the help of the interior decorator to pick the right one for you. He could provide you the right solution for you so that you can able to get the better idea on choosing it. In order to have a clear analysation you need to show bathroom of yours to the expert. Even he will suggest where to buy the best bathtubs as they could have some business links. For better idea you can visit There are various varieties of bathtubs are available in the site. You can browse through it and gain some valuable knowledge on it so that you will not have such confusions on what to select. You should read the specifications of the product before taking the decision. The specifications are the major part that you should concentrate. With that part you can able to understand the features and compatibility with your bathroom. Be cautious when you installing the bathtubs in your home, there are expert for installation of bathtubs. You can hire them for better process without any hassle.

5 Reasons why you need Commercial Office Cleaning

Being a cleanliness freak does not come naturally to everybody on earth and that is not to say that people like living in dirt. Given a squeaky clean environment, anybody would kill to be a part of it. In the past few years, the cleaning equipment in the industrial field has seen major improvement technically and all this has taken commercial office cleaning to a different level altogether. If you are still wondering as to how is commercial office cleaning so important to you, read on the given reasons to be convinced why you must hire a professional office cleaning service provider.


  1. Happier Staff

As we just mentioned, being in a clean space automatically uplifts anybody’s mood in a jiffy. A clean and tidy surrounding is laden with positivity which tends to get reflected in people’s work as well. The productivity of any person who works in a cleaner environment is much higher than that of a person who is enmassed in clutter. A happy staff means a staff retained which further implies saving cost on training any new workers. Clean premises imply less pressure and more responsible productivity.

  1. Cost-effective and Time-saving

You and your staff members are alreadyburdened with deadlines to meet and clients to cater. In such a high-functioning atmosphere, you cannot and should not afford to lose out on your valuable time to something as basic as keeping the premises clean. You can hire commercial office cleaning service providers who can do that work for you and you can utilise this time to meet more targets and work much more efficiently. You also do not need to worry about the time clashes as prior appointments can be set so that the cleaners can come and do their job either before you open or after you close. What’s more? If you are a loyal client, then you might also be able to avail huge discounts as well!

  1. Wow Your Clients

In any business, the client matters the most. Your business practically runs about and around them. You would definitely want to put your best foot forward while dealing with any clients and what is easier than having swept them off their feet with the interiors and fresh smell of your office. A neat and tidy reception area, comfortable seating which is easily accessible to a magazine rack can be a smart and subtle move to impress your client. Bring out your A-game with the best of best commercial office cleaning services.

  1. Health is Wealth

As the old adage goes, health is wealth. Accumulated dirt, dust and grime cannot only be a sore to the eyes but cause much more serious health issues as well. Professionals cleaners make sure that they use only approved cleaning products to keep your premises sanitised and hygienic. Not just that, we all know the hanging sword over our heads of that of the local health inspectors who might just pay a surprise visit to inspect your office. You must thus make sure that you keep your office clean and hygienic for better working conditions and overall health of all the workers in your office.

  1. Assorted Benefits

It is not just the basic office cleaning that needs attention. You also would require to get the carpet cleaned to remove the stains of coffee spills, keeping the window panes clean to have a nice view to rest your eyes and cleaning the floors as well. A commercial office cleaning service provider would be able to provide you with a combined package, suiting your specific needs.

Net-eau-max has been providing commercial cleaning and maintenance services to companies since 2005 and has a brilliant record of having had hundreds of satisfied customers till date. Their services include carpet cleaning, window cleaning, blinds cleaning and much more, so you need not hop to many places for the cleaning of your office. This firm can be your one-spot-fix which is sure to leave you happy and content.


These 4 landmarks are driving Bangalore’s economy

Bangalore is a hub for information technology companies in India and boasts firms specializing in Research & Development, electronics, and software production.Several national and international companies are housed in the business parks around the city.Professionals working with these companies are driving a real estate boom across the city. RoofandFloor discusses a few important landmarks in Bangalore that have turned their surroundinglocalities into premium real estate centres.

Manyata Tech Park


Manyata Embassy Business Park, also called Manyata Tech Park, is a software technology park situated near Hebbalin Bangalore. Located on the Outer Ring Road, the building has an area of 9.8 million sq.ft and spread over 424 acres. The Park is home to 43 companies, including AXA Technologies, Alcatel, Cognizant, Colt Technologies, Fidelity Business Centre, Microsoft, IBM, Larsen & Toubro, Nokia, Philips, Target Corporation India, Nvidia Graphics, and Indegeneamongothers. The Park won the Best IT Park Award by NDTV Property Awards 2013 and the CNBC Awaaz Award for Best Commercial Property in Bangalore in 2014. The Business Park employs over 90,000 professionals – the primary reason apartments dominate real estate in Hebbal and Sarjapur. Average price of apartments in Hebbal is Rs 4,100 and Sarjapur is Rs 3,900 per sq. ft.


Kempegowda International Airport


Kempegowda International Airport, spread over 4,000 acres, is located in Devanahallivillage and opened in May 2008. The airport was built as an alternative to the increased congestion at HAL Airport and is named after Kempe Gowda I, the founder of Bangalore. In 2015, Kempegowda airport was the third busiest airport in India with 18 million passengers passing through it. The Airport received the Best Regional Airport in Central Asia by SKYTRAX World Airport Awards in 2015. The SKYTRAX World Airport Awards is the largest passenger satisfaction survey in the world. The airport serves as the primary hub for AirAsia India and Air Pegasus and as secondary hub for Jet Airways. The airport has an 11-acre fuel farm, three cargo terminals and a passenger terminal that serves 20 million domestic and international passengers annually.



International Tech Business Park, situated in Whitefield, is Bangalore’s first tech park and was built as a joint venture between India and Singapore in 1994. Managed by Ascendas, the Park has 9 buildings and houses companies like Xerox, Mu Sigma, iGATE, IBM, GE, Airtel, Vodafone, TCS, Delphi, Huawei, Oracle, and Perot Systems. Other companies here include Dell, Tesco, Shell, Aviva, GM, Schneider Electric, Goodrich and DaimlerChrysler. Flowserve, a 100% subsidiary of Flowserve Corp has a manufacturing plant and R&D Centre here. The Park also boasts the 4,50,000 sqft ParkSquare Mall, sports arenas and the Vivanta by Taj hotel.


ITPL employs 15,000 professionalstriggering a sustained demand for apartments in localitiesnearby. Average price of apartments in ITPL is Rs 4,800 per sq. ft.




The 25-acre RMZ Ecospace Business Park in Bangalore is a development of RMZ Corp.Situated on Sarjapur Outer Ring Road, it was built by a Singaporean firm. RMZ Ecospacewas one of the first few large projects to be developed here. RMZ Ecospacehouses a diverse range of companies including Accenture, Bosch, Cadence Design Systems, Altran Technologies, Microland, First Source Solutions, HP India, Intel, TAS Analytics and British Telecom. The Sarjapur ORR has 5 sets of flyovers and 2 sets of underpasses to make this road signal-free. Professionals working at RMZ Ecospacehave boosted demand for apartments and apartment projects in Sarjapur Road and Haralur Road. Average price of apartments in Sarjapur Road is Rs5,000 per sq. ft and in Haralur Road is Rs 4,000 per sq.ft.


The city is home to 900 IT companies and IT firms in Bangalore employ about 35% of India’s IT professionals.Employees working in these companies are responsible for the increased real estate demand in the city. While the real estate sector has been on a low for the past two years, the industry is hopeful that IT professionals will help sustain this demand for residential spaces in Bangalore.

Home automation: 10 reasons why it works and what you can do about it

Home automation is probably the coolest new technology out there. Recently, it has seen a huge rise in the number of products. To make sure that you correctly setup the whole automation for your home, you must know how the different products work. While it has managed to influence a lot of people into getting it in their homes, there might still be some people who may be adamant in implementing it. Let’s see some of the best reasons why home automation works and how you can benefit from it. Before choosing to automate your home, you must know what advantages it has over the normal devices in your home.

Home Automation1

10 reasons why home automation works and what you can do about it

Let’s see the 10 best reasons why you should completely automate your home:

It’s convenient

Needless to say, home automation is extremely convenient. The devices in your home would become intelligent and know that what they need to do at what times. This is what will make your complete home life easier as well as convenient. It will give us more time to spend on better things and handles the complex tasks itself.

It makes our life easier

Through the brilliant technology that it has, it certainly improves the way we live. It makes our life easier to a large extent. Automation is the key to the future of home technology and this will surely have a huge impact on the way we live our lives.

New technology

Whenever there is a new technology, we must try it out to see what wonders it can do for us. Hopefully, there will be many positive changes that will take effect to make it better. Since it is on the cusp of development, we will get to see many more new features in the home automation space.

Added safety with extra control

Safety is something that people has loved about automating their homes. The complete control for all the devices are in your smart phones. You can easily keep your home safe and secure. Moreover, you get additional control over each aspect of your home.

Saves electricity

With home automation, your electricity bills are surely going down. Since the electrical devices in your home are all automated, you will find that they are efficiently used. This is surely a great benefit of implementing home automation.

Increased awareness

When people notice that your home is equipped with automated devices, it will increase the awareness of your home to a great extent. People with dishonest intent will then refrain from committing any wrongdoing. So it is a good benefit of implementing home automation.

Saves your time

Technology is made just to save our time and home automation serves a brilliant purpose in it. You can simply save time by automating most of the devices in your home. You don’t have to manually do it because everything works on its own.

Remote controlling of all devices

The single best reason for automating your home can be that you can remotely control it from no matter where you are. The complete control is in your smart phone and it will let you handle all the electrical equipments with ease.

Monitor your children

Since you have the control in your smartphone, you can monitor your children if they are alone at home. Installing CCTVs in most of the rooms of your home shall ensure that you can easily keep a tab on your children while you are away.

Saves money

The amount you spend up on the extra electricity is totally worth spending on home automation. It will save your power consumption and in turn your money too. You can save a decent amount of money every month by automating your home. There are initial costs involved but they can be easily recovered.

Final Say

These are some of the important as well as most helpful benefits that you might want to know about home automation. These are the many advantages of home automation that is a testimony of why it works brilliantly for everyone and will surely do it for you too.

Useful Tips for Comparing Custom Home Builders

Before you decide on a custom-built home, you should take some time to think about building vs. buying and decide which option is right for you. Building on your own takes more cash, time, and commitment than buying pre-existing. Review this guide on the advantages and disadvantages of custom home builders to help you decide if you should build or buy.

The primary advantage of hiring custom home builders is the degree of control you have over the construction. If you choose to build, you’ll have a say in every decision regarding every feature of your house. You can hire an architect to help design or hire a building company that employs architects. You’ll have a say in every design decision. Things such as: wall color, carpet, tile, appliances, and room designs.


Having an active role in construction decisions could also be considered a disadvantage because building a house is a time-consuming endeavor that can easily become stressful and overbearing. Depending on your blue prints and building plan, a custom house is most likely going to be more expensive than buying an existing structure. Construction loans are more difficult to acquire than housing loans. If you choose to build and not buy, you can expect to wait much, much longer for move in day. Custom houses can take eight months to a year, or longer, to be completed. Another disadvantage to consider is that much like a brand new car, newly built homes depreciate faster than traditional ones. If you’re reconsidering going custom, you may want to think about the possibility of a semi-custom house.


For a semi-custom house, your custom home builders will provide you with pre-fabricated floor plans from which to choose. The structure can be built anywhere with slight modifications for tricky locations, such as hillsides. Most companies will also accommodate a few mild personal customizations and you’ll still have some control over the interior style and appliance selections; however, you’ll probably have to stay within an allotted budget when furnishing each room.


The semi-custom option is advantageous because it allows you build a personalized home to many of your specifications without the costs and stress of constructing from scratch. A disadvantage of going with a semi is that the budget caps set by some builders exclude you from high-end products and features; therefore, you may end up paying surprise out-of-pocket costs for quality appliances and furnishings. To avoid this, compare multiple companies and ask about their policies before hiring anyone. Make sure you’re getting the best, fairest possible service for your dollar.


If you’ve been dreaming of building for awhile and you have the funds, customization may be for you. Make sure you see the process through and be prepared for unexpected costs. When you buy a home, you risk taking on all sorts structural issues, but customization allows you to directly control your standard of quality and ensure your house stays well-maintained. If you’re ready to build, begin searching for a reliable local builder today. Good luck!

Let’s Put Some Color Back in the Kitchen

Colorful modern kitchen

Growing up, I watched every episode of “Grace Under Fire.” The show’s heroine, Grace Kelly, had a small robin’s-egg blue refrigerator in her kitchen. It was old and had a single door and rounded edges—I loved it. After every kitchen scene I thought, “I’m going to have a fridge just like that in my house.”

Later in the series, the refrigerator was painted white. Suddenly, the cheery blue appliance I’d been coveting for years looked just like any old fridge. I was devastated.

That trauma lasted well into adulthood. Grown-up me, clutching childhood dreams of colorful kitchens, just knew she’d be able to find a blue fridge, or maybe avocado green, or even a nice earthy yellow. Instead, I found a sea of metal.

Cold, sharp-angled stainless-steel appliances stared back at me everywhere I went: in friends’ homes, home improvement stores, even used appliance stores.

Grace Kelly in her kitchen in “Grace Under Fire”

Grace, in her kitchen

I wanted something more playful, something that would match my personality and create a focal point in the kitchen. Where did all the color go? To find out, I needed a history lesson.

Colorful appliances, as it turned out, first came on the scene in the 1950s.

“This was the era of color TV, so when armed with this powerful new visual tool, designers and appliance manufacturers marketed everything with that in-color angle,” says Diana Hathaway Timmons, color expert and design consultant in the Tacoma, WA, metro area.

Eclectic Kitchen
Eclectic Kitchen

Marketing wizards pushed color hard.

“Decor ads back then went as far as to market their appliance colors to match your wardrobe or favorite shoes,” Timmons says. And it worked. From the multihued variations in the ’50s and ’60s, to the earthy tones in the ’70s, color hung in.

That is, until the early ’80s, when color started to fall out of fashion.

“This is when you saw less Harvest Gold and more almond and beige appliances,” says Timmons.

Chic and modern farmhouse
Chic Modern Farmhouse

But those pale neutrals didn’t last long either. Soon consumers were leaning toward black and white appliances again. Stainless steel first showed up in the ’90s, according to Timmons, but it didn’t really take off until TV intervened, again, to change people’s tastes.

“Fueled by the popularity of the Food Network, cooking and entertaining at home in a commercial-style kitchen drove the stainless-steel appliance movement,” says Timmons.

Suddenly, everyone wanted sleek stainless steel. And home buyers started to expect it.

So had I really already lost the battle? Had manufacturers finally given up on unique style? Not entirely.

Manufacturers still make new color creations for the don’t-want-to-overpay masses from time to time. Following in the footsteps of tech giants, some appliance companies have adopted “ice white.” Sometimes other metallic finishes such as shimmery gold and dark bronze show up, but they don’t have a big impact.

“It won’t shake the hold stainless steel has,” Timmons says. “The perception still is, stainless equals high-end.”

But what about the robin’s-egg blue, cherry, and avocado shades of my childhood dream home?

Lake house barn-wood bar
Lake House Barnwood Bar

It is a fringe market, but some colorful appliance creations still exist. After an online opinion poll, General Electric announced plans to make its retro GE Artistry line in two new shades: Cupcake Blue and Red Pepper.

Vintage design master Big Chill also makes its Mid-Century Modern fridge in several amazing colors such as Pink Lemonade, Jadite Green, Buttercup Yellow, and Beach Blue.

The Beach Blue looks almost identical to Grace’s old kitchen fridge—it gets my heart pounding.

Traditional kitchen
Traditional kitchen

But getting those unique colors will cost you.

GE is raising the base price of its Artistry line from $1,200 to $1,500 for the color options, according to CNET. Big Chill comes with a shiver-inducing $2,995 price tag.

So what’s a (kind of cheap) girl to do?

Paint: If you already have a boring stainless-steel fridge, there are painting contractors out there who will paint your refrigerator, Timmons says. It may not be the cheapest option, but you’ll save over the “custom” colors of the higher-end models.

Go magnetic: Magnets don’t stick to true stainless steel, but if you have a painted fridge, you can change the color with magnetic fronts. These fronts are designed to cover the entire door, making a big change, according to Timmons.

Decals: Not ready for a drastic change? Sites such as Etsy offer vinyl decals in an endless variety of styles and colors. Sure, it isn’t a complete color change, but you can choose patterns and designs as well.

As for me, I think I’ll turn on some “Grace Under Fire” reruns and dream of a more colorful time.