Instagram goes big to match iPhone technology


WASHINGTON — It took nearly a year, but Instagram is catching up with iPhone’s technology, and your pictures can start looking bigger and better.

The iPhone 6 Plus came out last September with a screen that could handle pictures stored at 1080 by 1080 pixels, up from the previous 640 by 640. Instagram is finally taking advantage of Apple’s upgraded technology.

Instagram has made it official, The Verge reports: “We are gradually rolling out 1080 [pixel images] on both iOS and Android, and most people should have it.”

Wired reports that Android user have been enjoying higher pixel density displays for years — the Samsung Galaxy S6, for example, can render images at 2560 pixels. Yet, Instagram was iOS-only at launch, and it took nearly a year and a half for Instagram to even release an Android version.

Instagram desktop users still won’t get to see the higher-res images, tough: The company tells The Verge “right now we are focused on mobile, with no plans to share on web.”