Technology of Bingo Games

Bingo has been for ages the game that has gathered groups of friends, families or even strangers in a fun and lively atmosphere. This game that’s believed to date back to around the 1990s is often associated with the elderly however it is enjoyed by people of all age-group. After someone mistakenly shouted “bingo” instead of “beano”, the game went viral and gained its all-time name as “bingo”. The game was also used by churches to raise funds before it became commercialised. This drew thousands of paying customers, which modest stakes helped the churches’ needs.

The game soon reached the Bingo halls across the globe where people socialise and get a chance to win some cash. With the changes in interacting with each other, rise and popularity of social media profiles and also the great boom of the internet, bingo was bent to enter the online world. This made the game more accessible to many people who prefer playing the game anytime in the comfort and warmth of their home. This also led to more and more online bingo sites taking birth, with now over 350 that does not include international sites which allow players’ from the United Kingdom to play alongside gamers from around the globe. This up-rise in online bingo sites has become something of a hobby that people participate online at home. The social element once found in bingo halls hasn’t been overlooked as many platforms include a chat room function, through which players’ can make friends and even celebrate their wins together.

The mobile industry didn’t lag behind in this evolution as along with the great innovations, theyhave also implemented the possibility of playing bingo on mobile devices. This step has made the game even more accessible, where now anyone can enjoy their game anytime as well as anywhere. Technology has been a driving force in popularising bingo and promoting its spread over the years. Back in the days, bingo players had to daub their cards with colourful pens known as “daubers”, however now with the auto-daub technology, this is done automatically. This has enabled many to enjoy the game fully without the fear of missing out on a number while also proving the liberty of playing other side games and even chatting. The auto-daub is an ingenious feature found at most online bingo sites such as BingoExtra, daubing the called-out numbers automatically for the gamers. Members at Bingo Extra can enter any room, purchase their cards and sit back to enjoy the game while auto-daub works its magic to the winning cards. The atmosphere and settings of the bingo rooms are now very similar because many bingo sites use the same gaming platform. However at Bingo Extra, players’ can expect an exceptional and unique bingo experience since the site uses proprietary gaming platform. This means that Bingo Extra uses its own uniquely designed software that cannot be found elsewhere but only at their sister sites.

Bingo only started with 90 Ball but now many variations such as 75 Ball, 80 Ball, Speed Bingo, 5 Line Bingo and Deal or No Deal Bingo are available.