Create A Speaking Picture of Your Family and loved ones.

Blending a perfect memory is important, and a speaking picture is a great addition to the existing image and video platform. Your parents, friends, and family are very special and it is important to make those memories immortal. In order to do that, you can capture their speaking pictures. There is an app called Voxweb that is free to download for both apple and android smartphones from an app store and google play respectively.


Once you download the Voxweb app, you can get ready to take perfect pictures of your parents and your family by following the below steps.

  1. Close-ups: Don’t ask them to do anything special, just a few natural emotions should do the trick. Be sure to ask them to act naturally and it should do the trick for you.  Take a picture with a steady hand and then neatly record the audio. To get the most out of it. Be sure to experiment with a lot of things. And stick to the one that works the best for you.
  2. Family pictures: This needs a little bit of organization and uses your best sense to sort everyone in your family correctly. It shouldn’t be very challenging as you would have far better understanding of who fits in which position. With a little bit of observation, you should be able to capture a nice photograph. With family pictures, you can either let the members speak to each other while taking the pictures or add it later on – whichever works the best for you.
  3. A get together: This is one of the most chaotic things in the arena of speaking pictures  or just any other pictures. For this, you have to be very well prepared to take photographs in a very chaotic environment. You would need a lot of patience and frequent retakes. More than your photography skills, this would be the test of your emotions skills. Make sure that you respond well and take the best pictures.
  4. Speaking Pictures with Friends and acquaintances: These have to be more scripted or choreographed. Make sure that your friends and others are set up in an organized manner and then take the snap. Once done. Don’t go for the audio immediately, just decide what everyone wants in the audio. It is important to consider everyone’s opinion in it. Once you are set, embed the audio separately and send the copy of that photo to everyone using Voxweb app’s share feature.

 Be it any event or occasion, you can get to the top of the game with the speaking pictures. Speaking pictures are better and richer in emotions than other methods. Also, they don’t consume as much of memory as videos and other forms would. So they can work on everyone’s device – as long as they have a basic smartphone. Get the finest memories with speaking pictures today.