A Buyer’s Guide to iPhone Spy Apps

Are you searching the market for iPhone spy apps but not quite sure which one to go for? Don’t worry, you know have us to help you out. We know it’s a pretty crowded marketplace and it can be quite difficult to settle on one app that caters to all of your needs. Knowing that, we have compiled a list of some of the major features that you should look for before investing in an iPhone spy app.

Text Spying

Most of the conversations in the modern day take place through texting, especially among youngsters, so having an eye on them certainly helps. Spy apps like Mobistealth allow you to see whatever is being said without much of a hassle. If you are parent concerned about your kid’s mobile communications, then you would definitely want to know what exactly they’re talking about and with whom. You will require the text spying feature that would allow you to read the content of the messages and also know various other details such as the time at which these messages were exchanged, as well as the phone number of senders and recipients.

Call and Contact Details

There’s no point in spying on anyone if you aren’t going to get any detail regarding contacts or calls. So before deciding to invest in an app, make sure that they allow you to see call logs and contact details. This way you will be able to see who they are calling, how much they are talking to each other, how often the calls are being made, etc. This is a mandatory feature for a spy app so the possibility is that it would be present in most of them, but still do your research before settling on a spying app.

Location Tracking

It’s another important feature that you should keep an eye out for This feature allows you to know where your target’s device is all the time. However, this feature is not restricted to the person you’re spying on as you can also install a spy app on your own phone for the sake of location tracking. It will allow you locate your phone if you lose it somewhere or in case it is snatched by a thief.

Browsing History

Parents need to know what kind of websites their children are visiting, and spy apps enable them to do just that. Kids can get addicted to pornographic content if they aren’t stopped, and this is where spy apps can prove to be quite useful. They allow parents to know what kind of content their children are viewing, and if they learn that their kids are watching porn, then they can intervene to tackle with the problem before it gets out of hand.


Another important factor that you need to be mindful of is the compatibility of spying apps. Until recently, jailbreaking the iPhone was an unavoidable pre-requisite. However, recent advancement in spying technology has resulted in the advent of solutions that can even let you keep tabs on non-jailbroken iOS devices. The feature is not that widely available yet, so you may have to search a bit of a product that offers this luxury.