XNSPY Mobile spy SMS: the perfect way to beat your parental woes

Parents—The kindest and most-loving creatures on Earth, filled with overdose of emotions and feelings—often fail to determine the right way to deal with their kids. Or maybe, it’s just that parents are also humans and need time for other aspects of their lives, they get overwhelmed. Parents biggest woes lie around how they have been stretched from both ends between their personal and professional lives.

That’s why—parents need something to ease-off their burden, and a mobile spy SMS like XNSPY is just what they need. Why? Because a parental control app will take care of their kids’ digital live, together with other aspects that relate to their personal life.


How XNSPY will be helping parents?

xnspy is a text messaging spy app that can access your kids’ phone logs, online activities and GPS location. It works using an app that needs to be installed onto your kids’ smartphone or tablet. But if your kids are iPhone users, you can then also use the Nojailbreak version.

With this app on your kids’ smartphone, parents will know of their kids’ every activity and whereabouts. Those parents whose biggest fear is digital hijacking of their kids’ lives by online strangers and predators, they will be able to breath restfully. Kids, who like to travel a lot, or stay away from home most of the time, parents can determine their live location with the GPS monitoring by XNSPY. So let’s get down in a little more detail with this app.

How to use XNSPY?

Using XNSPY is extremely easy and that’s what makes it a real parental monitoring app. The easiest monitoring solution comes in the form of Nojailbreak version, where parents can simply take the iCloud username and password of their kids and add it to the app’s control panel.

The other way to monitor is using the jailbreak app that will require an installation on the target device. The app is also compatible with all Android device. So if you have mixed OS users at your home, XNSPY will take care of everyone of them.

Why a parental monitoring app?

There are gadgets of all kind that parents can use for their kids’ surveillance. But why are they not a complete monitoring solution is because they focus on certain elements of a kid’ security. For example, the digital security cameras that are equipped with wireless streaming are used inside homes to monitor kids’ activity can only monitor what kids within the house. So if your kid is in their room the whole day but clung to their electronic devices, how will that surveillance camera tell about what they have been up to?And what about their security when they are out with other friends? Only smartphone monitoring actually provides complete monitoring and surveillance experience through it’s outdoor, indoor and digital monitoring.

An app like XNSPY can monitor calls, phonebook calendar entries etc. For online activity monitoring, it can track emails, Internet browsing history and instant messengers (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik and iMessage).

How to get XNSPY?

To be a subscriber of this mobile spy SMS app, it’s very easy. All you need is to visit the app’s website and provide your details about the subscription that you want to have. You will be sent an email to your provided email with a download link and sign-in credentials for the online control panel. You may also download this app from iStore & android stores given below.