Top 5 All-in-One Desktop Computers for 2016

Dell XPS 27 Touch

The Dell XPS 27 Touch is a superbly stylish all-in-one desktop PC that not only offers powerful performance and a stunning 27-inch high resolution touchscreen display for hassle-free navigation, but at only 28.2 lbs it is very light and easy to lift. You can also tilt the screen back and adjust the height for comfortable usage. Boasting a fourth generation Intel Core i5 4460S processor, programs run very well and it is perfect for gaming. With top quality speakers, a large storage capacity and many other different features, this computer is set to take 2016 by storm.

Apple iMac

This extraordinary all-in-one desktop computer features an ultra-slim design and the screen comes in two different sizes, 21.5-inch and 27-inch. You can also choose from one of three different Intel Core processors depending on your individual requirements. Although the Apple iMac does not feature a touchscreen, the 1920×1080-pixel high resolution LED backlit display is simply stunning. This sleek computer will perfectly compliment any workspace and with enough power to run many programs at once, it is little wonder why Apple has gained such an excellent reputation as the manufacturer of one of the best computers on the market.

Lenovo A740

With an eye-catching design that will make any workspace look stylish, the Lenovo A740 is a great choice when choosing your next all-in-one desktop computer. Its powerful fourth generation Intel Core i7 4558U processor makes this PC extremely responsive and paired up with fibre broadband internet, surfing the internet could not be easier or more enjoyable. As all of the ports and card readers are on the base of the computer, wires and cords are kept well out of the way and makes the overall appearance of this PC look neat and organised. With loud speakers, a webcam and a 27-inch 2560×1440-pixel high resolution touchscreen display, it is easy to see why this computer is among the best on the market.

HP Sprout

The HP Sprout boasts interesting features that will make it stand out from the other all-in-one desktop computers available in 2016. As well as the ability to scan and produce both 2D and 3D objects, it has a 23-inch projected touchscreen that is very easy to interact with. Aside from these innovative features, this PC also offers a high resolution display screen and a 3.2 Ghz Intel Core i7 processor, making it a perfect choice for any home. Although this PC is quite large and requires more desk space than most other computers, it does have a huge selection of applications and programs to chose from.

Acer Aspire U5

If style is a priority, you can not go wrong with the stunning Acer Aspire U5. With a 23-inch edge-to-edge glass touchscreen display boasting a high resolution of 1920×1080-pixels, this fantastic all-in-one desktop computer would look great anywhere. An added feature is the coating on the screen that is highly resistant to fingerprints, thereby keeping its sheen at all times. Other than the aesthetics, this PC also has a fourth generation Intel Core i5 4210M processor for stunning graphics and astounding speed.