Business SMS is not going anywhere in 2016- research reveals

Due to the advent of new and advanced marketing solutions every day, there has been a lot of debate about the future of Bulk SMS Service. In addition, the number and popularity of instant messaging has also grown tremendously. In such instances, a lot of people doubt the reach and effectiveness of SMS.

It is true that a number of instant messaging services has grown tremendously in past few years, but it is also true that SMS or text messaging is still as inevitable and key feature of mobile phone or so called smart phone. You might find it surprising, but a recent research by a reputed research company, has revealed that contrary to predictions, SMS is fighting off competition from instant messaging services like IMessage, Facebook, WhatsApp and others.

It is revealed that SMS is as popular as ever and SMS use all across the globe is still growing rapidly instead of decreasing as many experts predicted. As a result, SMS as a communication channel is here to stay for a longer period of time. So, if you use business SMS or considering including them in your marketing strategy for 2016, then worry not, and go ahead with your effective marketing plans.


So how it will affect business SMS service?

Enterprise or Transactional BulkSMS has always had some great benefits over other communication channels. To begin with, of all the text messages that are delivered, over 95% of them are actually read and mostly within 5 minutes. On the other hand, if we talk about emails then if you are lucky you can get an open rate of 25%. Additionally, business SMS as a marketing tool is five times more responsive than direct mail.

No to forget, SMS is the only instant messaging solution that works irrespective of the operating platforms and models and makes of mobile. Thus, business SMS is responsive, dependable and solid as ever. In spite of the tremendous growth of the use of business SMS all across the globe, still there are many companies that don’t use SMS. We find this fact very surprising and shocking. If you are also one such company, that you are certainly missing out on something great.

As already said, that SMS work on every phone, no matter how basic or how smart, therefore, everyone is a skilled user. Experts associate the ability to send an SMS to the ubiquity and accessibility of a dial tone. Recently, an established analyst firm reported that over 45% of smartphone users use an SMS alternative like OTT messaging apps in lieu of or in addition to traditional SMS. But, the study noted that only a very small percent, 1.7% of respondent use these alternatives. The huge majority, 97% still use SMS.

This clearly indicates that business SMS is not going anywhere even in 2016. So, if you have never used this great marketing tool to promote your services or products then it is time to think about it seriously and opt for a smart messaging service today.