Advantages of ISDN Phone Plans for Your Company

Choosing an ISDN phone plan can make or break your company. Since communication, especially through electronic means, could be considered essential for your business to succeed. Through efficient and reliable communication, you would be able to interact with customers and collaborate with your employees and other businesses. If your phone plan is unreliable, this would put you into double jeopardy. It would reflect to your customers as they wouldn’t be able to contact you, while also induce an unorganized and inefficient workplace within your company.

With all the ISDN phone plans available in the market, getting one for your company is made simpler and more affordable. Compared to the traditional phone plans which uses Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN, ISDN phone plans are much more reliable. With them you would be able to get the competitive advantage of having an efficient communication system both within and outside your company.


Choosing to get an ISDN phone plan for your company could:

  1. Reduce the phone and internet cost of your company. As its name suggests, Integrated Services Digital Network, an ISDN phone plan integrates both a phone line and a data line, such as internet, into one cable. Unlike a PSTN phone line which could only be used either on voice or data, an ISDN line could be used on both simultaneously. Since an ISDN phone plan uses digital lines instead of traditional phone lines, you also have the added advantage of paying for less for each additional line compared to PSTN. This could be a great saving for your company, especially if you are small and would want some room for growth. With most telecommunication network, you would be able to get ISDN phone plans that suites the size of your company. You could start with as little as 2 digital lines with the ability to upgrade at a later time.
  2. Homogenize your phone network. By getting an ISDN phone plan, you would be able to standardize your network and have one number for all of your phone lines. This means that customers no longer have to memorize several phone numbers as you would only have a single one. This is also good for branding as having one phone number could greatly increase the number of people contacting your business.
  3. Do more with your phone lines. Since an ISDN network could transfer not only voice but also a wide variety of data, you would be able to host video-conferences, access the internet, and add some specialized services such as CCTV to your plan by using additional services provided by your network. This adds a whole array of efficient and effective way of conducting business.
  4. Do things faster than traditional phone lines. With data transfers faster than those of traditional PSTN phone lines, ISDN phone plans offer crystal clear telephone voice transfer. There would be no more phone drops and unreliable network as data transferred through digital lines tend to experience less interference compared to analog lines. Through an ISDN phone plan, you would be able to build a strong communication network, reliably connecting you, your employees, your customers, and the world.