How  ToWatchTV on your Phone

We use our phones for practically everything today. If you have a smart phone, you’re probably on it for most of the day. According to Informate Mobile Intelligence’s study, the average time spent on smart phones by Americans is about 4.7 hours. Although the US is not leading in terms of the average amount of time people spend on their phones, it is an eye opening statistic.


While many people use the time they spend on their Smartphone on social media, this time can be used positively. Smart phone capability has come a long way. There’s a lot more you can do with your Smartphone today. Apart from connecting and keeping in touch with other people, you can learn and enrich your life using your Smartphone.

If you enjoy watching enriching content on TV but can’t find the opportunity to do so as you’re always on the move, you should consider turning your Smartphone into a TV. A recent report by eMarketer revealed that the average adult in the US spends up to 5.5 hours on video content per day. The amount of time spent on Smartphone to access these videos is steadily increasing.

How to stay connected on the move

There are many different ways you can keep up with enriching and educational content with your Smartphone.

  1. Over the air (OTA)

You can use your Smartphone to watch cable using an over the air antenna. This however, is not available for all channels. You need to check with your service provider to find out which channels you can access with your OT antenna.

You will also need some hardware to access the channels. Obviously you’ll need the OTA antenna which you can easily connect to your home’s HDTV. You may also need to add on some extra solutions such as HDHomeRun or Simple.TV to be able to access the content on your phone.

  1. App

An easier way to access TV from your TV service provider is to download their app and use it to watch TV. You can check with your service provider for these services e.g. check DIRECTV package lineup to see how you can access their app and begin watching TV via mobile.

You will need to have subscribed to the TV services and have an account in order to use the apps. You log into your account from the app and start watching from wherever you are.

Some of the channels are not supported by the apps however. You should therefore check with your TV service provider to know which apps are available.

  1. Streaming

You can also watch your favorite TV shows online. You can log onto the website of your TV service provider and catch up on shows that you’ve missed or watch shows live. You’ll also need an account for this.

Again, not all channels are available for online streaming. Check with your service provider to determine which programs you can watch.

You can be  on  the move and still stay up to date with your favorite programs.