Bypass Windows 10 Password

Just like the previous versions, Windows 10 has its share of standout features, and a few niggles here and there. Generally speaking, the fancy interface and friendly using make it a nice version. But this is not the whole story, you may be frustrated by the requirement to enter your password to login every time you power up. What if you are sick of bypassing Windows 10 password?

Till now I can only see two ways to deal with the bypassing Windows 10 password. The first one is the manual operation, which I will guide you step by step later, to set the function in your computer so to help you bypass the Win 10 password. The second one, which will be more convenient and effective, it to use some advanced software.


Solution One

A small reminder here is that you need to remember your Windows password, and you have a basic understanding on Windows 10 operation.

First you need to sign in Windows 10 with local account or Microsoft account. In the search box on the task-bar, type settings and select Settings > Accounts, then select Sign-in options in Accounts window and click Change button under Password.

Then you can try to remove Windows 10 user password. If your sign-in account is local user account, type current local user account password and click Next. Don’t type anything in New Password and Reenter Password, Password hint box. Click Next and Finish.

 Solution Two

However, a very often case is that people usually want to bypass the password because they forget it. In that case, it may very hard for us to use settings in our computer to bypass the password. Here we would recommend you try SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Standard. It is one of the most powerful password recovery/resetting/bypassing software which can effectively help you bypass your Windows 10 password. Just through three easy steps, you can either get your password back or bypass it. And it required you little knowledge of the Windows 10 operation.

Its most salient characteristic is the 100% recovery rate, which has been welcomed by thousands of Windows 10 users. Windows password recovery process will be finished easily and quickly with no data loss or file damage at all with the least money & time.

Beside, you can feel free to choose change the password, or remove the password, or even create a new account. Solve your password problems by yourself in minutes with the software.

What about Other Functions?

Besides helping you bypass the password in your Windows 10, Windows Password Key also

  • Lend PC to others and the admin password was accidentally changed.
  • Forgot Windows 8.1 login password and there is no reset disk.
  • Lost admin password for Windows PC and had no other admin account to login.
  • Unfortunately forgot user password you just changed.
  • Set a Microsoft account but lost password for it.