Free System/Partition/Hard Drive Backup Tool – EaseUS Todo Backup Free

The EaseUS Todo Backup free is very simple and easy to use software. It is easy to integrate with the windows. The EaseUS Todo backup is one of the simplest and most comprehensive software out there, also a backup software for Windows 10. It supports both file and image backup. Just by simply double clicking on any Todo backup files you can open the folder. It lets the user browse easily and recover the individual essential file and folders by using Windows Explorer. For those who want the entire content to be recovered, it provides a fully integrated restore function.


The latest version of EaseUS Todo Backup has lots of improvements form the older versions. So it has now become more versatile and user-friendly. The improved file selection dialog enables you to drill down into the folders in the right side pane that makes viewing easier. A separate management tab has been incorporated. This helps in easy re-running and checking the jobs and log tabs. By checking the job you can see the progress of the work. Log tabs give information regarding the time when backups were done.

The EaseUS Todo Backup has a feature which includes partition and drives imaging. Other features like a backup to optical, data wiping, drive and partition, image culling, scheduling, image culling and pre-boot environment are available. The pre-boot environment feature installs to the boot drive so as to recover the system without using any other media. A Linux based boot recovery CD is also created by the EaseUS Todo software. This CD can be used to recover the system in case of any crash and disaster to your system,

The EaseUS Todo Backup is also available as a Home Version. In the version, there is additional features like differential backup and restore facility, system snapshots, a readymade Windows PE book disk ISO along with free technical support. The Workstation version is also there at a slightly higher cost. Features in this version are that it supports dynamic disks, recovery to dissimilar hardware and backups can be converted to virtual drives. It also comes with a license so that it can be used for commercial purposes. The performance of EaseUS Todo Backup software is nice and efficient.

Backup facilities: It is a great tool for the personal backup activities. It enables easy backup facilities. It is easy software which can be used as a one-click backup and restore the system. It is applicable for home uses, office uses and small business uses.

Free backup software: It is free backup software, It has the versatility of backup and recovery options for the users. It is very helpful for the users as it can store information as a backup and in the case of any disaster to the system, it can restore and recover information. As it is an efficient system backup and recovery system so you will not have to reinstall the OS to get everything back. It is capable of quickly recovering files, folders, volumes or even a single image.