Portable power supply units from Start Pac

The aircraft ground power unit is the equipment which allows operators to provide power in AC and or DC to the aircraft when it is on the ground. These units are utilized to help start the engine, perform its maintenance, and provide general onboard power at a time when the aircraft is on the ramp or in the hangar. These ground power units are capable of operating via single phase or three phases input voltage forms a hangar or via diesel or gas. The stationary or fixed power units are those which are permanently installed on the ground in the airport. In the absence of fixed ground power unit or military tank starter, the mobile power units can be helpful. The mobile power units are mounted on vehicles and they deliver power by the aid of diesel generators. When gas is used it is called as a gas electric hybrid GPU (ground power unit) and when diesel is used it is known as a diesel-electric hybrid GPU.


The diesel-electric hybrid aircraft ground power unit is capable of providing impressive continuous power. It is also capable of providing advanced aircraft protection system. It has the advantage of light weight and easy portability. Hence, it is easy to use for supplying power to the aircraft across the ramp or in the hangar. These diesel-electric hybrid ground power units provide a sophisticated ground power solution for the entire industry related to the fields of aviation and aircraft. It is also helpful for the maintenance, support, air and environmental, electrical as well as the aircraft engine starting requirements.

These hybrid ground power units are the portable power supply sources for the aircraft. They have been specifically designed to meet the ever increasing demands of the aviation industries. They can be considered as a quieter and powerful green ground power unit for the aviation industry. They meet all the air quality emission standards as per the latest industrial norms. They generally have an aesthetic and appealing design, compact size, peak power aircraft protection feature, safety features for the operator and the ease of use. In fact, they have been popular for the military use. They are also a hit with the FBOs, MROs and regional airlines. They also attract the corporate aircraft operator and flight departments. In fact, they can be the self-sufficient aircraft ground power services.

Start Pac provides an array of reliable power units for the aircraft of different sizes. At Start Pac, we do custom manufacture as per the need of the customers. It can provide its customers the patented products which have features like a self propeller. This self-propelled feature is an advantage as it helps in easier motility of the ground power unit. They are manufactured in accordance with all the EPA emission rules and regulations. Built in battery is also provided for colder weathers. Two battery bank options are provided out of which one can be selected. It comes with a high visibility digital output display.