Instant cameras or digital cameras – which one is best?


As with many pieces of technology today, there are so many different choices available to people making our buying decisions very complicated. In the case of cameras, you can chose either an instant camera or a digital camera, but which one is best for your needs?

The benefits of an instant camera

Many people are confused by the different lenses you can buy for digital cameras and knowing when to use which type of lens, then there are the shutter speeds and a whole lot more that makes professional photography not for everybody.

So if you want to step up from simply using the camera on your smartphone, but don’t want anything complicated, then a new instant camera is a really good choice.

Many people who own digital cameras find these gadgets too heavy and cumbersome to carry around all day. It is also difficult to wait for pictures to be printed out. So if you want to take photography to a whole new level, without the hassle of carrying a heavy gadget, you should try playing with instant or Instax cameras.

Don’t think that these new instant cameras are like the old Polaroids of twenty or thirty years ago. These new instant cameras have fresh and modern design that is loved by the young generation. They also take very clear photographs and are well worth a look. If you are curious, here are three huge benefits of using an Instanx camera over a digital camera:

  1. Instant photographs: With an instant camera, you don’t have to send your film away to be developed or hang around those one hour developing booths anymore. Instead, within a few minutes you will have your photo in your hand. Even people who use digital cameras have to wait around while a hard copy is created of their photographs, even though they can see them instantly on the screen. So the first reason for buying an instant camera is instant gratification.
  2. 100% privacy: Once you have taken your instant photo and you hold it in your hand, there is no negative or digital copy left on the camera. So if you lose your camera or lend it to a friend, no-one else can see any of the photographs you have previously taken. This is a huge benefit in using an instant camera for many people for a variety of different reasons.
  3. Easy to use: These are very light weight cameras, so you can carry them around with you all day long and not be hampered by a large photography case, as well as different lenses. They are also very easy to use with an automatic flash and automatic shutter speed and with a close-up lens for fast one click photography.


Digital cameras are okay, but sometimes you’ve been using the same camera for so long it doesn’t feel as exciting as it used to be be. A shift to instant camera will liven up your photography hobby and will also help you take beautiful and lasting pictures.

If you want to try instant photography, online shops like Harvey Norman has Instax cameras in stock now, which they can deliver to your footsteps. But if you can’t wait to put your hands on these new gadget, local retail stores and photography shops also offer Instax cameras in different models and designs.

Convinced with the benefits of using this camera? Then get one to start taking instant pictures with your friends!