Tips to help you prepare for the career defining AIPMT exam

Have you always admired to wear that white apron along with that stethoscope around your neck? The very first step that you can take towards fulfilling your dream is by appearing for the All India Pre Medical Test.

The Central Board of Secondary Examination or CBSC conducts this exam each year for aspirants who wish to either pursue their career in MBBS or wish to become a dentist. By now AIPMT is known to be one of the most difficult entrance tests to be conducted in the country. Every year thousands of candidates prepare and appear for this test to get selected in the best medical college for MBBS and dental.

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As the test is known to be one of the most difficult entrance tests in the country, it is important to prepare for it in a proper way to crack it well.

The syllabus

The very first thing that any candidate needs to know well is the syllabus on which he or she will be preparing. The entrance test is based on the syllabus of NCERT of class 11 and 12. If you go through the syllabus properly, you can know about what are the fundamental topics in the subjects Biology, Physics and Chemistry, which you need to, prepare for the test. Based on the syllabus, you need to buy books so that almost all the topics in the syllabus are covered. Studying as per the syllabus is the best way to get maximum number of common questions in the exam.

The preparation

There are a number of candidates who prefer to join a coaching class where they can get themselves prepared with the help of experts. But in case if you are planning to prepare for AIPMT 2016 alone, then there are some important tips that you can follow.

  • Try to cover almost all the topics mentioned in the syllabus
  • Don’t just mug up the answers. Analyze well and study. This will help you in answering the tricky questions that you may get in exam.
  • Do not just study; also make practice an important part of your regime. Sometimes it becomes difficult for many candidates to complete the whole question paper in a time of about 3 hours. Practicing solving of question papers within the 3 hours time on a regular basis will not only help you in maintaining time but also will make you confident.
  • Solve as many mock test papers as you can and also track your performance every week. This will definitely help you in improving your performance on a regular ground.
  • Do not just rely upon the offline mock test papers. The exam will be online and hence it is important to get comfortable with the process. Practice mock test papers online to gain that confidence.

Other important tips while preparing for the test

Only studying day and night and practicing mock test papers to sharpen you may sometimes also lead to problem. There have been many instances where the candidate has prepared very well for the entrance test, but could not score well. Candidates need to study well but in their own comfort zone. You should have enough time to refresh your mind.

Make a routine in which you can include studies, practicing mock test and also entertainment. Spend good time socializing with friends and family members. Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated with enough water and also eat healthy. Also practicing a few light handed exercises will help you in keeping your mind and body fit for taking that extra pressure of studies.

Candidates aspiring to have a career in medical often appear for the All India Pre Medical Test in India. Every year thousands of candidates prepare for the test but only a few are able to get selected in the medical colleges due to certain shortcomings. If you are preparing for AIPMT 2016, follow the above mentioned tips to prepare well for the career defining AIPMT exam.