Useful Tips for Comparing Custom Home Builders

Before you decide on a custom-built home, you should take some time to think about building vs. buying and decide which option is right for you. Building on your own takes more cash, time, and commitment than buying pre-existing. Review this guide on the advantages and disadvantages of custom home builders to help you decide if you should build or buy.

The primary advantage of hiring custom home builders is the degree of control you have over the construction. If you choose to build, you’ll have a say in every decision regarding every feature of your house. You can hire an architect to help design or hire a building company that employs architects. You’ll have a say in every design decision. Things such as: wall color, carpet, tile, appliances, and room designs.


Having an active role in construction decisions could also be considered a disadvantage because building a house is a time-consuming endeavor that can easily become stressful and overbearing. Depending on your blue prints and building plan, a custom house is most likely going to be more expensive than buying an existing structure. Construction loans are more difficult to acquire than housing loans. If you choose to build and not buy, you can expect to wait much, much longer for move in day. Custom houses can take eight months to a year, or longer, to be completed. Another disadvantage to consider is that much like a brand new car, newly built homes depreciate faster than traditional ones. If you’re reconsidering going custom, you may want to think about the possibility of a semi-custom house.


For a semi-custom house, your custom home builders will provide you with pre-fabricated floor plans from which to choose. The structure can be built anywhere with slight modifications for tricky locations, such as hillsides. Most companies will also accommodate a few mild personal customizations and you’ll still have some control over the interior style and appliance selections; however, you’ll probably have to stay within an allotted budget when furnishing each room.


The semi-custom option is advantageous because it allows you build a personalized home to many of your specifications without the costs and stress of constructing from scratch. A disadvantage of going with a semi is that the budget caps set by some builders exclude you from high-end products and features; therefore, you may end up paying surprise out-of-pocket costs for quality appliances and furnishings. To avoid this, compare multiple companies and ask about their policies before hiring anyone. Make sure you’re getting the best, fairest possible service for your dollar.


If you’ve been dreaming of building for awhile and you have the funds, customization may be for you. Make sure you see the process through and be prepared for unexpected costs. When you buy a home, you risk taking on all sorts structural issues, but customization allows you to directly control your standard of quality and ensure your house stays well-maintained. If you’re ready to build, begin searching for a reliable local builder today. Good luck!