Screen forms a primary device for gadgets. So having a good quality screen becomes a necessity in order to enjoy your device to the utmost. Resolution and pixel density forms the important properties of teh screen. They together help in enhancing the quality of the screen by giving out a sharp image or video.

Pixel : To put it simply, it is just a single dot on a display or a screen. And pixel density or ppi is the amount of dots or pixels fit into a fixed amount a space or the screen. A digital screen is made up of millions of pixels or dots which come together to give one complete image. The smaller the pixel the sharper will be the display. Mobile phones under 10,000 might not have a good pixel density but definitely, they are worth a try.


Resolution: Another important property of display is the resolution. It refers to the amount of display there is in each dimension of the image or video ie. horizontally and vertically. It is usually described in width and height. To put it simply if we come across a resolution of 1920 x 1080 for any HD device, it will mean that it has 1920 pixels in width and 1080 pixels in height.

The relation between pixels and resolution:

  • Two screens can have the same number of pixels but the ppi can differ based on the screen size .
  • More pixels enclosed into a small area gives a sharper image because of higher PPI and therefore will in turn have a higher resolution.
  • Resolution is the result of the quality of thr image. PPI or DPI act as the measurement tool for resolution.

To conclude, the relationship between display resolution and pixel density (PPI) is inversely proportional. That is if you keep the resolution same and increase the screen size, you get a distorted image as the PPI gets lower. But when you decrease the screen size and keep the resolution constant, it will gives you a higher PPI. If the sharpness of a screen is what you are looking at, you should always check the PPI of the display device, with the equivalent display resolution. A higher PPI gives amazing graphics, sharp text and even enables you to see the finer details.