Your Company’s Online Persona Can’t Be Overlooked

When was the last time you did a complete and honest assessment of your company’s website?

If your company is to reach its full potential, it must have a website that not only draws visitors, but also leads to sales conversions.

So, does your website do all that and more?

Unleash Your Website Today

Whether your company caters to a small number of reliable customers or a large amount of reliable and occasional customers, unleashing your website is a necessity in today’s competitive business world.

That said here are some key areas of focus you need to hone-in on when it comes to your website:

  1. Layout – First and foremost, what kind of layout have you offered visitors to your site? Is it clear and concise? Is it all over the place? Do pages seem out of sorts? Having an organized site like tradebit and other such brands offer is key to winning over consumers, consumers who hopefully will turn into paying customers sooner rather than later. So that your website can attract a steady stream of website traffic, be sure that the layout is fresh and inviting, not stale and hard to scale;
  2. ContentNever overlook the importance content plays on your website. From blog content to white papers and press releases, your content is the true beef of your site. Your site’s content should be updated on a regular basis, with solid content and simply not filler material. Also a good idea to have a wide-range of authors on the site to provide variety and different perspectives. One way to go about this is by offering guest bloggers and opportunity to author subjects they are well-versed on. If you run a real estate website, getting blog contributions about the overall real estate market, tips for both buyers and sellers, and forecasts on where the overall industry might be headed can all benefit you. For many visitors who come to your website, they are likely to take some of that content and disperse to their friends and others. In doing so, your brand’s name gets more positive attention, something you never want to get enough of;
  3. Social promotions – If you haven’t been pushing your website on social networking sites, you’re missing out on yet more promotional opportunities. For starters, social media is all but free, so why wouldn’t you want to use it as much as possible? Yes, some social interactions with consumers can go a little haywire at times, but the majority of your social media efforts will typically be perceived as positive. In relation to that haywire reference a moment ago, it is imperative that you never engage in negative one-on-one with a consumer on social sites. Stop and think about the potential repercussions from such a move. What possible positive outcome could your brand get from such actions? That’s right, the answer is none. Always keep the conversations positive, with the goal being to help any customer (current or potential) with whatever problem or question they have with your brand;
  4. Moving forward – Always look at your website as a work in progress. There are infinite possibilities available to your site when it comes to growth, so don’t close the door on any of them until you know they won’t work for you. One way to grow your brand’s site is by enlisting your employees to provide ideas. If you want to jazz up some of those boring office meetings, have a meeting from time to time on your website. See what employees like and dislike about it (let them be honest and don’t hold any negative opinions they opine against them). In doing so, you get the creative juices flowing around the office. When you leave the door open to growing and improving your website, many consumers will see you as a business not afraid to push the envelope. In the end, that sure beats those brands who are too reserved, oftentimes leading to staleness over time.


Given how important your company’s online persona is, always be on the move to keep your website innovative and invigorated.

If you do that, you stand a good chance to keep that revenue stream growing.