Why More Online Retailers Are Utilizing Ecommerce CRM

Meta: Find out why more online retailers are utilizing ecommerce CRM, and how it can help you improve productivity and gain more conversions.

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The ecommerce industry is viewed as one of the most profitable and rapidly expanding industries of the modern era. The “boom” effect won’t be dying down anytime soon as consumers flock to the convenience, competitive prices, vast selection and unrivaled home delivery that online stores offer.

For retailers, competition is around every corner. In order to stay a step ahead of the game, you have to make sure that you are using the latest and greatest software innovations to help protect and grow your bottom line.

In enters a newfangled solution called ecommerce CRM that is shaping up to be a real game-changer. If you are wondering why retailers are beginning to use it and how it can help you better manage your online business, here are a few candid reasons why.

All Your Data In One Place

Likely, you are selling your wares on more than one sale channel (if you want to maximize profits that is). That being said, until ecommerce CRM, it was impossible to take all of the data from all of your sales channels and organize it in a central location while also being able to analyze it after the fact.

With this newer software, now you can. This gives you the unrivaled ability to dig deep into your analytics. Now you can assess and identify trends across the board and use the metrics to improve your customer relationship and brand appeal.

Secure Cloud Hosting

Security is of the biggest concern for e-retailers these days. This security goes beyond just how you encrypt your financial transactions. It also means that you have to assure that your data and bread and butter are locked down as well.

With security, however, you also do not want to compromise on accessibility. The solution: cloud hosting. This enables you instant access to your data from just about anywhere that you have a compatible device, protected in the thick layers of the cloud.

Deeper Analytics

Analytics mean everything in ecommerce. What are your customers doing? How are they interacting with your site and your products? When are they bouncing away and why? Knowing is half the battle towards earning repeat business and improving loyalty.

With newer ecommerce CRM systems, that’s what you’ll get: a rich charting of all of your customer analytics. This data empowers you to make the changes and updates that your customers really want, so you can cash in on hot trends that result in a lot more sales.

Fulfillment & Reverse Logistics

A major benefit to the newer ecommerce CRM systems is that they integrate with powerful shipping and returns software solutions. What this essentially means is that you can now manage all of your orders, fulfillment and reverse logistics from one centralized hub.

Imagine being able to automate returns for your customers and being able to set custom rules with rich analytics that enable you to prevent serial returns and reduce return rates while improving customer service.

What about shipping? What if you could press one button to import your orders, from all your sale channels, and another to generate labels and update customers. It’s all a reality with these newer solutions.

Team Connectivity

Don’t overlook your team. CRM usually includes team chat with tagging, task lists and even calendars. This creates a level of accountability that translates into improved productivity across the board. As you can see, there are ample reasons to consider adding a SaaS such as this to your business model.