Do I need a Criminal Defence Lawyer If I have been falsely accused?

Having being left in a state of complete confusion and misery is exactly what it is to be in a position where one is falsely accused of a crime they did not even commit. It is comparatively easy to be accused of something but getting out of it can be a task that probably one can’t get out of on their own.

And therefore, in situations like these, one simply cannot represent themselves because the chances of being heard might be relatively less. Since the accused is already in the limelight, proving oneself ‘not guilty’ is something that only a criminal lawyer can do very well. And this, there are the reasons why a criminal lawyer is needed when one is being falsely accused of a crime they didn’t commit:

  1. Suing: When one needs to get out of the picture, the first thing that comes to our mind is to sue the company that has falsely accused that person. For suing someone or a company, it is but natural that one needs to hire a criminal lawyer, without whom, the person will have no knowledge as to how to go about suing that person or organisation. In this case, a criminal lawyer will set a direction and false accusations will be dropped once presented in the court and the one accusing will be sued and there will be charges against them.
  2. Personal knowledge: Not everything can be personally understood using books and documents. In order to fight a criminal justice case, one needs to have good experience in order to get out of these false acquisitions that they’ve been put under. And as one cannot represent themselves simply by reading out the laws in the court room, having hired a good criminal attorney is a good decision to take in matters of false acquisitions.
  3. External pressures: When one is falsely accused of a crime, it becomes very difficult to go out and face the world because it becomes a very easy game for them. They don’t know the story and are behind the accused’s life to prove them. Therefore, in order to get out of this ruckus that the outside world might be creating for the one who is falsely accused, hiring a criminal attorney and proving oneself right is something that can be done.

In such cases, the police just barges in and accuses one of something that they might have remotely imagined to do. And in such cases, even having a few seconds to react is a blessing. But it doesn’t work that way. The police will just drag one into the police station to have a one on one encounter.

And therefore, Weisberg as a law firm has a solution to this. Based in Toronto, this law firm has encountered a lot of such cases and is a specialist is getting one out of a scandal like this without having any false charges on them.