Inositol for PCOS

Usage of inositol supplements in the treatment of PCOS improves chances of fertility, insulin sensitivity, acne, hormone imbalance and too much of hair growth. Hyper androgenic chronic anovulation is also known as polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS. Uniqueness of PCOS consists of weight gain followed by obesity, absence of menstruation, excessive hormonal levels of androgen, acne and hirutism. Hirutism is the excessive hairiness in women who gets hair on chest and beard on face.

In many cases, more than 2 to 6 mm follicular cysts build up on the ovaries of poly cystic ovary prone syndrome. Cysts need to be removed since they are not normally damaging in a straight line. Though cysts cannot harm human body directly, but they cause hormonal imbalances which leads to adverse symptoms. Inositol supplements support hormonal balancing by improving the insulin receptors in the body which further prevents high amount of insulin release.


Insulin levels are inter- related with poly cystic ovarian syndrome which ups the chances of rising chances of diabetes. Inositol supplements have fewer side effects and if taken with proper diet is well tolerated. The inositol supplements also supports brain and liver health which is involved in mood regulation and nerve signaling and completely eliminates PCOS symptoms, weight loss and fertility.

Inositol- General Idea

  • Inositol is an organic vitamin like substance which is integral for the functioning of all eukaryotic cells.
  • Inositol is often confused as member of B complex vitamin and actually a pseudo vitamin compounds in humans since it is produced by the human body from glucose.
  • Inositol is present in most of the eukaryotic cells, and is cells with nuclei.
  • All DNA containing organisms contain Inositol such as algae, yeast, caterpillars and amoebas.
  • Nine known forms of inositol are called stereoisomers and Inositol is the general name for all.
  • Common form of inositol is myo inositol and D- chiro inositol is another form that is often used for treating PCOS symptoms in women.
  • Usage of Inositol for PCOS symptoms reduces the risk of developing other serious related conditions.
  • Inositol shows a normalizing effect on hormone levels in the body and can alter many visible signs of PCOS syndrome.

Role of Inositol for PCOS

Inositol helps managing PCOS and reduces serious complications of polycystic ovarian syndrome. Here are some of the following ways-

  • Inositol reduces prominent estrogen levels
  • Lowers the risks of endometrial enlargement which leads to cancer in endometrial.
  • Abnormal and excessive hair growth in women can be prevented.
  • Acne can be reduced.
  • Regulates insulin levels by avoiding hyperinsulinemia.

Inositol dosages for PCOS

People who use inositol supplements to treat PCOS take combined supplements in the form of myo- inositol and D- chiro inositol. D chiro inositol isomers show more benefits than widely available myo inositol isomer which is generally cheaper.

Inositol supplementation is considered safer if taken in proper dosage. Human breast milk is rich source of inositol, though extra supplementation to be given during pregnancy is not known; while using any such additional supplements consultation from the doctor is always advised to avoid side effects.