An Insight into Enterprise Applications Company Infor

Today we will be taking a look at the successful software company Infor a company that has risen in the ranks of software companies in the last decade and a company that now competes with some of the biggest players in the software tech game.


Having only started out in 2002, Infor has made acquisitions the key to its success and has a healthy loss of acquisitions on its rap sheet. In fact the company was originally named Agilisys when it was set-up in New York until 2004 when it acquire the then German software company ‘Infor Business Solutions’ from this acquisition the company re-branded as Infor Global Solutions and has operated under that name ever since.  The company steadily built on its success and in the first 8 years since its inception acquired over 25 companies including notable names such as SSA Global and GEAC ERP in 2006.


There are two sides to Infor, the acquisition side that we have already touched on and of course, the software side of the business that provides companies with applications to better manage their day to day operations. The company specializes in software solutions for business including financial systems, resource planning and customer data software. Infor currently has global revenue of close to $3 billion and supplies for over 70,000 customers and operates very much on the International market.

Infor has close to 13,000 staff that operate in 194 countries and 20 different languages, staff range from technicians, product specialists, tech support and of course computer specialists.


Notable Acquisitions

As the company has become more profitable the size of its acquisitions have grown and here are some of the large companies that they have successful acquired.

CERTPOINT Systems – 2013 – SaaS-based learning technologies company

PeopleAnswers, Inc     – 2014 – Talent Search company with cloud-based software

GT Nexus                     – 2015 – World’s largest cloud based global commerce platform



Charles Phillips became CEO of Infor in 2010 after leaving his position as Director of rival Oracle Corporation. Phillips has had fantastic success in his professional life from working as an analyst with financial services providers Morgan Stanley to overseeing growth of revenue with Oracle of lover 300% during his tenure. Charles Phillips was just want Infor needed when he took the helm in 2010 having lead the sales and acquirements team for Oracle and playing a vital role in the acquisition of over 70 companies with Oracle. Since he’s come on board at Infor the business’ has gone from strength to strength and it’s no surprise that Infor are now acquiring some of the most profitable and innovative companies in the World. Phillips brought something of a newer strategy to Infor as well as his market expertise and Infor began the acquisition of smaller and far more niche companies than likes of their competitors Oracle and SAP, this way they can have a more varied portfolio and decisions like these are the reason the Infor are now competing with the big players in the industry. Without doubt, Charles Phillips has been Infor’s smartest acquisition to date.