Charles Phillips, Infor CEO Improving The Company’s On-Premise Image

Companies involved in on-premise applications and technology are now competing at a really strong pace, trying to get new clients and develop new helpful technology. Charles Phillips was president of Oracle and then moved to the current CEO position at Infor. He moved the company towards a really aggressive growth that is now paying off. There are obvious similarities between the approaches of Infor, Oracle and SAP but differences also appear. The similarities are mainly appearing when looking at the process of trying to convince customers to adopt the cloud computing technology.

Infor is a company that did benefit a lot from being privately owned. This offers a lot of freedom and much time to be really strategic when analyzing the cloud investments that were made. Infor basically spent the last few years investing money and refactoring various cloud key applications. The focus was not really put on getting a new cloud client base.

The investors were not scared about potentially hurting the core of the business because of the attempt to move to the cloud, as it happened with the larger competition. Charles Phillips can thus afford to make really serious claims about what investments can happen and what the company is headed for. With Oracle for instance this is impossible as such a major shift would make the investors edgy and stocks would be highly affected by it.

We saw Infor investing billions of dollars in redesigning and reengineering strategic applications into the AWS hosted CloudSuites. As a result we can say that the company is moving in the right direction. There are currently over 50 cloud applications that are offered by the firm and 50% of all the new bookings are done for the cloud services. Oracle is only now reshaping and aggressively trying to get new clients for the cloud services, making it a little behind on the worldwide cloud trend.

Infor now got brand new clients that are really important like Whole Foods. We also see Travis Perkins on the list. The deal is supposed to be 8 figures and was presented as the biggest ever ERP cloud deal in the world. Everyone involved in Infor is now happy and moving towards the future. Lisa Pope, the Head Of Cloud at Infor, explained that the company is now increasing everything based on the way in which the investments were done in the past years. Billions of dollars led to the great situation in which Infor is at the moment.

Pope declared that Infor is a cloud company first. This was always the case even from a sales perspective. Infor is going to lead with the cloud services so that customers can easily get exactly what they want.

On the whole, Infor is up-to-date with understanding exactly what the clients want. Small and medium sized companies, even the large firms want to use cloud computing technology. It makes sense to be able to offer more quality for cloud computing. Infor is going to quickly going to grow and become huge competition for Oracle.