A Few Extraordinary Tips on How to Wear a ScarfAndUse its Versatility

Scarves are one of the coolest and most affordable accessories you can get to add colour, style and a bit of jazz to any outfit. There are dozens of different scarf styles, fabrics, colours and prints to choose from and matching it up with a suit or shirt for the office or wrapping it around your neck for warmth. Here are a few unique ideas and tips that will help you twist and turn that fabric into something special every day!

How to tie a scarf for just about anything!

Long scarves are here to stay; with their incredibly flexible and highly compact natures, they are super handy to have around! They can be stuffed into your handbag, tied to your handbag, or just thrown over your shoulder without being too heavy a companion. A long scarf can be tied in over 25 ways around your neck to keep you warm and looking good too. Apart from the obvious uses there a few other tricks you can use depending on the size and fabric of your scarf to change your office look into a funky, out-on-the-town one.

  • Ditch your laptop bag and turn your scarf into a sexy looking shoulder bag by tying the diagonally opposite ends of either corner to each other.
  • Cover up a plain t-shirt by tying your scarf into a cool vest. Hold the long scarf lengthways and fold it in half. Tie one folded corner with one ends of the other corner and you have a vest!
  • By knotting, braiding, tying and twisting your scarf in multiple ways you can wear it as a belt, as a necklace, and like a turban or hair band around your head.


What to wear with a scarf

A scarf can be worn with just about anything so long as you keep some basics in mind. Highly printed scarves will add texture to an outfit with plain colours like a pair of jeans and a black/white t-shirt or a black business suit. Similarly, if you are wearing printed clothing like a printed skirt with a plain top, you can wear a plain scarf that matches any colour on your skirt.


How to match scarf with clothes

You can add a scarf as an accessory to your business suit to add a neat and delicate feminine touch. You can wear a beautiful printed scarf over a plain white blouse and then tuck the ends into a thin belt around the waist for a unique look. Wear your scarf as a shawl over your shoulders and then tie the ends behind your back for a comfortable cover up over a dress or backless top.