Why server room cleaning is essential for modern businesses

The server room is the brain of the operation for many modern businesses. This houses essential equipment, but it is also an area that needs to be regularly cleaned to stop contaminants and static electricity from building up. Otherwise, this could damage equipment and void your warranty.

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In today’s day and age, the majority of businesses rely very heavily on their data centre to succeed. A data centre is, essentially, the nerve centre of the operation and where critical processes are run. Computers and hardware need to be kept cool, have electricity and be protected from external threats, and therefore a server room is used to power, store and operate servers and hardware for businesses. These interlinked computers create a server network, which can provide speeds that far exceed that of a single machine. If there is a problem with the server or in the server room, it could be extremely costly for the business due to the amount of downtime and also the cost to fix these issues. Therefore, it is in the interest of all businesses with a server room to take steps to ensure that theirs continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

To keep your server room up and running, and consequently keeping your daily operation afloat, businesses need regular clinical cleaning of their server room. Without this, there can be a build-up of static electricity and dust and contaminants can infiltrate the equipment; this could result in serious damage to components. The majority of hardware manufacturers stipulate that their hardware is kept in an environment that is kept to a certain standard; failure to meet this could void the warranty and be incredibly costly to replace. This is why the regular and clinical cleaning of the server room must be carried out by professionals, as they will be able to clean to the required standard and stop any damage from occurring to your equipment.

With regular server room cleaning, it will minimise downtime and keep your business running. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that the server room is being kept to the required standards. Typically, a clean will consist of sub floor cleaning, ceiling void cleaning, raised surface floor cleaning, wall mounted equipment and external cabinets and an internal clean of cabinets. It is recommended that clinical cleans are carried out on a regular basis to stop the build-up of static electricity and contaminants, but many professional cleaners also offer one off deep cleans, post construction cleans and other services.

The data centre, or server room, is integral to the success of most modern day businesses. This keeps your operation running each day smoothly, but this is also a room which needs to be cleaned and maintained. Failure to maintain this room clean could damage the equipment and also void the warranty on the equipment. This could be costly and also create a lot of downtime for your company.