Know About The Human Cost Of Technical Debt

Shortcuts are not the way to success. It is effectively proved for those who face the death spiral of technical debt. In order to come out to the market as soon as possible, there may be some lacunas in the features and functionality in your product. This will lead to your project coming to standstill. A time may come you may find yourself surrounded by the interest of tech debts. Saving half a day’s work today may lead to more than a day’s labor in the future. So, it is advised to come out with a product, rich with all beneficial features a day late than others to stay in the race for long.

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Deadlines Or Milestones

Deadlines of a project is very essential for business but not at the price of quality. There may be developers who will communicate the fact that aggressive deadlines will inevitably lead to technical debts. It will make future features slower as well as longer to ship. You may also come across analysts and various project managers who will account for tech debt when they are discussing about the deadlines. Upper management may ask for an assessment of the amount of tech debt is an application. So, basically the problem of it is related to time for marketing. To talk about the human side of it, unhappy humans are least productive and all human problems lead to business problems as well.

Unpleasant Work

A code base which is high with tech debt is bound to move slowly in terms of delivering features. This creates a lot of frustration and confusions while conversing about the capabilities of business. No human will want to work with a handicap to become unproductive by each passing day. That is the case for such code base to the developers. Each day these developers perform simple functions in the office like adding a check box to a form. Knowing that lot of explanations about slow delivery has to be done and lot of eyebrows raised, these developers have no other way.

Disorientation In Team

It is evident that this kind of a situation will lead to disorientation in the team. It may also lead to a lot of bickering amongst the team members. Crippling debt is the result of it all. The problem can also be blamed on others like the newbies or the tenured staff. Teams related to maintenance can point fingers on the developers or the green field project people against the people responsible for the legacy. Whatever the situation or whoever is fighting against whom, the situation becomes very problematic adding frustration and embarrassment. You can check out for best credit card consolidation online and learn how you can get benefitted from it.

Wear And Tear

It is evident that unhappy people will affect adversely on the turnover and wear and tear of the business overall. You mustcheck online to know what happens if people are coming to work in a tortured state of mind, disgruntled and problematic code base will result in slow if not very low growth rate. Sooner, people will start leaving, starting with the most productive ones. It will be hard for the new comers to become productive very soon. So, when you think of technical debt think also in terms of human costs rather than defect counts only.