Road To Avoid The Black Hole Of Technical Debt

All technical software has a phase based approach towards development. The different stages are alpha, beta, and golden master. Each release starts with a phase where new and effective features are built. It reaches the alpha stage when it is implemented and is ready for testing. When, in the later stages, enough bugs have been fixed according to the customer’s feedback obtained, it reaches the stage of beta. Eventually, it reaches to the golden master stage when there are zero bugs open in it. This is a regular feature and you cannot procrastinate for long.

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Effects Of Procrastinating

If you keep on procrastinating for long, then the bug count grows. In this field, when you fix one bug, chances are there that two new will pop up. It requires regular checking and updating and you can never be complacent at all. If you do so then tackling the situation will be difficult with each passing day. A time will come when you will not be able to cope up with this daunting task and more and may have to give up the project altogether. This will lead to the debt known as tech debt. It will worsen the situation as schedules will not move forward as the bugs will hinder in further development. Customers facing the deaths by thousand cuts will leave some day.

Way To Get Out

The best way to get out of such trap is to automate the bugs away. Perform an automated test on each bug discovered by someone to demonstrate it. One it is fixed you can rerun the test to see whether or not it has been fixed. This will enable you to get rid of the bugs in the most effective and fastest way. This also happens to be the core of development which is test-driven. It also saves a lot of time and enables you to maintain quality of your program at all times. Ultimately, it is not the number of codes that you provide but the quality of features that matters the most.

Tame Your Team

The most important thing in managing technical debt is to control it by taming it regularly with the help of effective quality control measures. You must ensure on changing the philosophy of the entire team. Sometimes it is even necessary to change that of your team’s stake holders as well. They must know that handling and controlling tech debt is not at all an easy job. Though there may be need for a business to cut on the time for development and make it short to reach out to the market as soon as possible, but development has and always will remain the key to long lasting success.

The Action Plan

To more about the effective means to tackle the situation you can click here. Some of the action plans includes educating the product owners about tech debts and the true cost of it. It is also necessary to modularize architecture to take firm stand on tech debt in the application and new components or libraries. You must keep in mind and instill it in others that tech debt is a reality and cannot be avoided by any software team, but the primary objective is to stay out of the black hole.