Website Security – Find, Fix, and Prevent

Cyber attacks are a daily occurrence with an estimated 80% of all websites being attacked on some level. Businesses that suffer a massive malicious attack lose revenue, suffer damage to their reputations and can potentially face legal action by customers who have had their personal or financial data compromised.

If protecting your website with up to date security features are akin to health insurance, then hiring the world’s leader in website security would be like owning the best hospital in town.

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Over 8 Million websites protected and counting.

SiteLock is the global leader in website security with over 8,000,000 internet sites protected by their comprehensive services. While you may find unsubstantiated rumors like the SiteLock Scam, their millions of clients and partnerships with global leaders such as GoDaddy and HostGator and Network Solutions attests to their expertise and commitment to excellence.


Find: Total Website Malware & Vulnerability Scanning

Malware is usually installed on a website by hackers who find vulnerabilities in the programming of the site. Malware is designed for many purposes; it spreads viruses, steals personal or financial information, and even takes over computers.

SiteLock reviews your website like a hacker would to find its weak spots. Once the website scanning is completed your site is malware-free, you can display the SiteLock Secure Seal. Displaying this icon informs visitors that your site is verified safe and secure.

Daily scanning protects your site from landing on blacklists and ensures your communications don’t get caught in your customer’s spam filters or anti-virus software.


Fix: Automatic Malware Removal

When malware, breaches or vulnerabilities are detected, SiteLock’s team of security experts will locate delete and repair as needed.

SiteLock911 downloads your site files, scans the programming code, removes any malware, then uploads the data back to the server. They eliminate backdoors, fix any vulnerabilities and remove all issues, and they do this automatically, every day.


Prevent: Advanced, Cloud-Based Web Application Firewall

The SiteLockTrueShield Web Application Firewall protect your website from unwanted traffic and malicious attempts. A quick and easy set-up, the (WAF) will keep your site secure from bots as well as targeted cyber attacks.

A web application firewall (WAF) protects your site by determining who is allowed to access it. The TrueShield WAF reviews traffic based on where it originates, how it acts, and what data it is requesting. Based on these criteria, it will allow benign traffic such as customers or search engines access, and protect your information from malicious traffic such as spammers and hackers.


A site your customers can trust

Website security should be a priority in protecting your clients and your online reputation. Choosing a global leader in website security protocols with over 8 million protected client sites will give you and your customers the confidence they need in today’s digital marketplace.