Amazing Online Games and the Devices to Play them On

Online games have undergone an amazing evolution in the decades since the internet became available to the masses. Although it was intended as a tool for scholars to share information quickly, the internet has become so much more – a means of business collaboration, social interaction, and an endless source of entertainment. The first games played online were text-based adventures hosted by bulletin boards (for the oldest of you: bulletin boards were the ancestors of today’s forums and blogs). As technology evolved, so did the games – today you can play role playing games, action games, puzzles, and whatever else you can think of, over the internet.

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Business as usual

Some of the games you can play online today are built with a single goal: to entertain. Most of them have another purpose, though: to help the developers make a living. This is done in various ways: you need to pay for some, you’ll see ads in others. And there are those you’ll find at, that have a unique business model: you play them for money, and you have a chance to win.

The first real money online games appeared in the mid-1990s, opening up a new form of entertainment for players. In the coming years, online gaming destinations have spread like mushrooms after the rain. By 2000, when the Vegas Palms was launched, there were hundreds of such portals in operation, offering players all over the world their preferred form of entertainment. The Vegas Palms was once a newcomer on the market, but it has ever since proven its worth. Today it is among the preferred gaming destinations of tens of thousands of players from all over the world. The players are drawn to the Vegas Palms not only by its amazing variety of games but also by its promotions that promise amazing prizes month after month.

A cornucopia of devices

Back in the day, online games were confined to desktop computers, since those were the only devices with an internet access. As technology evolved, and more devices became capable of connecting the global network, online games slowly found their way to them, too. Laptops were the first devices to be portable and connected at the same time. But their supremacy as portable internet devices was soon broken by the smartphone. And things changed fundamentally.

Today the majority of new online games are either mobile-first or mobile-only. Smartphones are the devices of choice for mobile gaming, and it shows when you take a look at the revenues generated by the various branches of the industry. Mobile has already overtaken consoles (which are a bit behind when it comes to casual online games), and even PC. And it will soon become the undisputed leader.