How to Tell the Difference between Acrylic, Glass, and Crystal Awards

Corporate awards are one of the best ways to show gratitude and appreciation to your employees or colleagues while in the professional workspace. An added benefit to having corporate awards is that it motivates employees and peers to work harder, and more efficiently, because there is a tangible goal that awaits them at the end of the semester, or year. Making corporate awards a regular event will spurn and motivate your colleagues to work harder and better – thereby boosting the company. Corporate awards are made of a host of different materials – with the most popular materials used being glass, acrylic and crystal.

Though these materials may look the same, their composition is completely different – with glass being made of lime, silica and soda; acrylic being a hard, sturdy plastic; and crystal containing certain amounts of lead oxide. Because of the lead content in crystal, this makes it heavier than glass and acrylic, thereby making it a sturdier material to use – and because these three materials are composed differently, they will differ in price as well, so choosing the right material for corporate awards depends on your budget as well. With each of these materials, engraving is possible – allowing you to personalize the awards by getting them engraved with an appropriate message.

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If you choose to give out crystal awards, expect the awards to be heavy and sturdy, with rounded edges. Crystal is the most expensive material out of the three of them, but crystal awards are available in a variety of designs and shapes – and crystal awards have a certain charm or elegance about them.

Should you choose to give out glass awards, however, means that the award won’t be as sturdy or as substantial. However, glass is easier, and thus cheaper, to engrave than crystal awards. For glass awards, the edges will tend to be sharper, because glass as a material is easier to cut than crystal. Glass as a material is cheaper than crystal, but more expensive than acrylic – and the award will have a green tint to it when held up against the light.

Acrylic as a material is the cheapest out of all three. Like the other materials used, they’re available in a variety of designs and shapes – and it is possible to get acrylic awards personalized and engraved as well – and is possible to add colour to the acrylic awards as well.

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