Oculus VR Painting Tool Quill Will Be Available for Free on December 6

Oculus VR Painting Tool Quill Will Be Available for Free on December 6Oculus has announced that the company will be offering the beta version of its virtual-reality based painting tool Quill for free next month. The VR painting tool needs to be operated with the OculusTouch motion controllers, which will also be made available by the company next month at a price of $199 (roughly Rs. 13,600).

The Oculus Touch motion controllers will allow users to create their art-pieces using their hands, which are tracked by the app. “Quill was born out of the creative needs of Dear Angelica’s Writer/Director Saschka Unseld and Art Director Wesley Allsbrook. The unique style and story of Dear Angelica required it to be painted and shaped entirely inside of VR-something that had never been attempted,” the company said in its release.

In October last year, Dear Angelica’s lead engineer Inigo created an early version of the app, during a 48-hour hackathon.

“Over time, we added versatility and scalability, modified the tool so Wesley could shape her lines after drawing them, and added features and functionality to let artists work comfortably in Quill for long periods of time,” Oculus said.

The company says that it worked with painters and illustrators to ensure that Quill becomes a painting tool for anyone and not just the professionals. “Quill was developed to let artists create and shape their artistic visions directly inside VR, no matter their stylistic preferences,” Oculus added.