Ignoring a Threat Does Not Make it Go Away

Most people actually do not even think about web security. Since most people are not very familiar with the ins and outs of cyber security, they prefer to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the problem, even though they know that such a threat actually exists and could probably cost a lot of damage, whether financially, or emotionally, or both. Indeed, even those who have different kinds of online presence, like an e-commerce site, or a blog, or even just a Facebook or Twitter account, would most probably fret about cyber security only when they get hacked. SiteLock Reviews insist that preparing and planning a line of defense should actually be high on the what–to-do list of anyone who has ever used the internet, and a trusted cyber security company SiteLockis a good partner to have.

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A Constantly Mutating Enemy Needs a Flexible Solution

Like the cold virus, hackers are always looking for new and creative ways to attack. For many decades now, we know that there is actually no sure, guaranteed way to avoid catching a cold because the cold virus is a rapidly mutating virus. Thus, just because you have caught a cold this year, does not mean you would be home free next year. You could still catch a cold from a slightly different cold virus that has quickly reconfigured its DNA sequence. The same conundrum exists with dealing with cyber security threats. Indeed, it is like an arms race in the way that both sides always try to outdo and outmaneuver the other. Luckily, SiteLock also keeps its protection skills sharp. It offers various ways one can protect oneself while online.

Slam the Door on That Trojan Horse’s Nose

One of the most common ways a hacker tries to sneak into your website is by infecting your program with a seemingly harmless piece of software program which in reality actually opens up a backdoor that would allow even more malicious software to come in and wreak havoc in your website. Think of it like the Trojan Horse that the ancient Greeks successfully tricked the Trojans during the epic Trojan War. As soon as the Trojans brought in the giant wooden horse statue inside their walled city, they brought doom upon their own heads, as the Trojan Horse actually contained some of the best Greek soldiers which opened more Trojan gates to allow even more Greeks to come in and ransack the whole city. SiteLock would not even allow that Trojan Horse to even get near the gates. SiteLock’s programs would identify and eliminate suspicious external threats that resemble the Trojan Horse, thus keeping your website clean and safe. One of its offers is a scanning system that regularly scans a website, looking for vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers who might try to slip in their own Trojan Horse.SiteLock’s various offers provide a comprehensive cyber security plan for anyone who wants some peace of mind online.