Host1Plus Cheap VPS Hosting Review

There are hundreds of VPS providers that promise you attractive features and an economical pricing but hardly a few live up to the expectations. Host1Plus is a renowned hosting provider that not only promises a cheap and reliable VPS hosting but proves it. They are number one as providing best and cheap web hosting  providers. Thousands of customers are a testimony to how good their service is. If you are looking for a VPS solution at the cheapest price, Host1Plus has some economical plans for you. The VPS packages start just from $2 and come with hordes of great specifications and features. If you are looking for a VPS solution, this review shall be helpful for you in knowing whether Host1Plus is a viable solution for you or not.

Best Features of Host1Plus Cheap VPS Hosting

Below are the top notch features of VPS hosting that Host1Plus provides, for a small scale business or a startup, these features are amazing and worth the price they come for.

Complete Root Access

This is one of the major advantages of all the VPS packages. You get to have complete root access. This will further allow you to customize your server just the way you want without any restrictions. A VPS is just like having the server completely for yourself and Host1Plus ensures that you have full root access to configure the server as per your requirements.


Every website needs to scale up or down as per the demands of the site users. With Host1Plus’s VPS hosting, you can easily scale to higher packages without much effort. The plans are made in accordance by keeping developer’s demands in minds. So if scalability is your problem, you don’t have to worry about it at all because the VPS plans are very flexible and highly scalable as per your requirements.

Quick Deployment

Most of the hosting providers take a lot of time just to deploy your server once you are done with the configuration part. However, Host1Plus ensures quick deployment of all the VPS servers which enables you to get up and running quickly without waiting for the hosting provider. There is no kind of delay after you set up your VPS and the duration in which it goes live.

Live Resource Statistics

The problem that most of the developers face is that they don’t get a view of how much resources their server is using. To address the issue, Host1Plus provides a feature where you can monitor a server’s resources real time. This will also let you know if you have an appropriate VPS package. If the resources that are being used is not optimum according to the package you currently have, simply scale up your servers.


Since pricing is the major USP of the VPS hosting that Host1Plus provides, you will get extremely cheap prices even when compared with various competitors. The cheapest package starts from $2/month which is probably lower than anywhere else on the internet. The VPS package with the highest specifications will cost you around $85/month which is quite fair considering all what you will get in the package. Overall, the plans are quite flexible and you can choose the one suitable for you.

The Last Words

Host1Plus is the cheapest VPS option that you have in the market. With all these extra ordinary features and such a stellar pricing model, you can’t expect anymore from your Virtual Private Servers. For all those wanting to either buy a VPS for the first time or dissatisfied with their current VPS providers, we highly recommend you to have a look at all what Host1Plus has to offer, you will be impressed.