Super Mario Run Gross Revenue Is $30 Million in 2 Weeks: Report

Much has been said of Super Mario Run’s iOS-only release. With it being available on the App Store for close to three weeks, some data has emerged on the performance of Nintendo’s debut smartphone game.

Super Mario Run Gross Revenue Is $30 Million in 2 Weeks: ReportIt appears that Super Mario Run has been downloaded 90 million times with around three million users paying $9.99 for the game. With a roughly three percent conversion rate, it’s a shade over Candy Crush Saga’s two percent. Though keep in mind that King’s game has been available for over five years.

The news comes via a report by The Wall Street Journal citing market research firm Newzoo. It also pays to remember that research companies have in the past, tended not to be wholly accurate. According to several local studios, its India mobile gaming market study was not representative.Suffice to say, this should be taken with a grain of salt.

Nonetheless, Super Mario Run for Android devices may see a release date soon. Reason being, Nintendo has allowed Android users to pre-register to be notified as to when the game is out.

“Attn @Android users: Pre-Register now to be notified when the official #SuperMarioRun is available on @GooglePlay,” tweeted Nintendo of America.

No release date for Super Mario Run on Android has been set yet, but allowing for pre-registration is a step towards seeing a release date soon. The Super Mario Run page on Google Play is already up and you can pre-register here.