How to Take an Idea and Turn it Into Innovation with Innovation Software

It is time for the way organizations are run to change. We have known this for a long time now. The time for strict hierarchies and top down management should be behind us. While most companies say that they intend to do this, very few have actually managed it. That is because we are so resistant to change. But change is good, and the first change every business should think about is to change its culture of having doers, to having thinkers. To achieve this, they can use innovation software to turn ideas into actionable innovations.

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Innovation Software Can Make People More Creative

The first thing you have to do as an organization is get people to express their creativity. You do this by:

  • Building a trusting relationship with staff members, so they know they can have ideas and bring them to the table. The atmosphere has to be open and comfortable, beyond the “open door policy”.
  • Having regular brainstorming sessions so that the top down management approach really is broken once and for all. There are many different ways to approach this, from small team meetings in a comfortable coffee shop to huge full company meetings organized in an online setting.
  • Having clarity on what the issues actually are, so people know where to direct their innovative ideas. This is particularly important at the start, when people still feel as if they may be constrained in what they can say and how. By starting small – with a clearly defined issue that needs resolving – you also start to build that relationship of trust.
  • Having opportunities available for people to think about and act upon. Google is a good example of how employees are engaged in the overall running of organization. They have Google Cafes, for instance, where employees can interact, as well as the Google 20% Factor, which means that 20% of the time of every employee can be dedicated to an individual project.
  • Think about a process known as “gamification”, which means the environment becomes both competitive and fun. It isn’t about giving monetary rewards, but rather about something such as being able to present ideas to a larger group.

How to Take Action

  1. Make sure employees are always encouraged to submit their ideas. Make sure that you have time to listen to them, and to give them feedback about where their ideas have gone as well.
  2. Give your employees the assistance they need to expand their ideas. If a successful idea is presented, then make sure it is kept going and expand on it. Get other people involved in expanding on ideas as well. Any idea is an opportunity for further growth, and you need to make sure everybody is involved in embracing that growth.

If you want your business to thrive, you need to make sure that everybody contributes to it. Make sure you invest in innovation software so that you can easily keep track of what has happened with each ideas.