V2 Pro Series 3 Review

Finding the right vape pen can be tricky, especially when you’re looking to kick the habit of smoking.
However, after many hours of looking for reliable recommendations, I came across an encouraging review of V2, which convinced me to do some of my own research about the product.

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The V2 Pro Series 3 is a vaporiser pen created by the US-based V2, who specialise in manufacturing various vaporisers and E-cigarettes and have a UK customer services team, which was important to me.
What sets this particular model apart from the rest is its ability to vape in three different ways; with e-liquid, wax or loose leaf. When I discovered this, I was curious to try the Series 3 for myself.
I ordered the standard package from their UK website, which comprises of the vaporiser pen, a magnetic e-liquid cartridge, a wall adapter, as well as a magnetic USB charging lead. You also get the option of three colours: black, blue, or stainless steel.
What was surprising was that I only had to wait two days to receive my package, which was really convenient. It also helped that there were no added fuss waiting for me within the packaging, such as overly-complicated instruction manuals or additional parts which distract you from the product itself, which I appreciated.
The overall design of the vaporiser is great. The stainless-steel colour that I chose compliments the design perfectly, which I thought was of high quality compared to other vape pens I have tried in the past.
The pen itself is only a little bigger than a biro pen, which makes it very convenient to use on a regular basis. The vape button is flush to the rest of the pen, which means you can rest assured that when you put it in your bag or pocket, you’re not going to accidently set it off.
Another feature that I appreciate is the mouth piece, which is made of a hard plastic to protect your mouth from the heat. The vapour created by the Series 3 is another great quality which is reminiscent of smoking a cigarette, something that was really important to me as it will go a long way in helping me cut down.
As the Series 3 is a three-in-one pen, liquid, wax and loose leaf all have their own dedicated cartridges. Switching between the three materials is made easy by thanks to V2’s use of magnetic technology, which allows you to drop one into the battery cartridge, where the pen will automatically recognise what kind of cartridge you are using.
My experience with both the loose leaf and liquid cartridges has been very good. While I haven’t tried wax for myself, I’ve read some good things from other reviews too.
I am very happy with the Series 3, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is a beginner to vaping. The pen is a great design with an innovative method of switching cartridges that is also great for experienced vapers who enjoy trying a variety of cartridges. Heavy vapers may have to charge their pen more frequently, but overall this is a high-quality product accessible to anyone who vapes.