Cyware, a synonym for cyber awareness

Experts have been writing blog posts, creating reports and case studies showing why having a strict information security plan is necessary for organizations; and why should each individual end-user must follow cyber hygiene. We all have understood by now that being secure online is important. But ever wondered how? Organizations appoint cyber security experts and professionals to come up with plans to ensure their network systems are secure themselves from cyber criminals. But `how would a regular internet user ensure his/her home network is safe? How can we make sure the cyber security practices we are following are effective and enough? And how can you secure your smartphone and laptop from new malware emerging in the market everyday? Well, it is true that cyber criminals are coming up with new malware and trojan types, and implementing new scams and fraud methods to hack users. Each day, hackers are developing more sophisticated malicious software that can break or bypass the already set security measures. In this scenario, users must act continuously against cyber attacks by developing new antivirus, establishing new information security protocols, and updating cyber hygiene practices. Being up-to-date about all these practices and highlights is called, ‘cyber awareness’.

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Cyber awareness is not a one-time task; it’s a continuous process which requires undivided attention and effort from users. Awareness can be achieved by reading articles and new stories related to cyber security (i.e., regarding new hacking methods available; how to stop such methods etc) on internet. Users can find such information in newspapers, expert blogs and security platforms. Now, you can either scour through the internet trying to find an article which is relevant, informative and understandable, all day; or you can simple download Cyware. Cyware app – which by the way is available on both Google Play and App store – does all the work for you. Powered by IBM Watson, this is how the app works:

Step 1) Cyware checks the internet for new stories related to information security, data breaches, new ransomware and developments in the cyber security field.

Step 2) Of all the articles, the app selects the ones that are more relevant, latest and authentic.

Step 3) These articles are in turn summarized in a short, crisp and easily-readable form – so that, users retain and understand maximum information in a short span of time.

Step 4) The app also categorized these news cards and publishes them under categories like, ‘Malware and Vulnerabilities’, ‘Internet Security’, ‘Security Tips’, ‘Laws, Policies and Regulations’ etc. This will allow users to pick the category they want information from.

Remember, only by knowing about the new tricks and traps users by cyber criminals, can one protect themselves. If users are not aware of the possible threats, securing from them is impossible.