Rules Everyone Should Know to Play Indian Rummy

The Indian rummy is one of the most popular rummy variations and is played by many card enthusiasts in India. There are many online rummy portals which provide Indian rummy game free download which allows players to enjoy rummy on their mobile devices. With online rummy websites, you can connect and play rummy with players around the world. This gives a great chance for the players to develop skill during the gameplay and learn new tactics.

The Rules of Classical Indian Rummy

  • Generally, the Indian rummy is played by using two decks of cards having two jokers.
  • The cards in each of the suit rank from lowest to highest – Ace (A) < 2 < 3 < 4 < 5 < 6 < 7 < 8 < 9 < 10 <Jack <Queen <King.
  • You can use the Ace as a low card and a high card while making sequences in the game.
  • The cards are given certain values. The Face cards (K, Q, J) – 10 points and the Ace – 10 points.
  • A joker card can be used in place of any other card. You need to make at least one pure sequence without jokers for a valid hand.

These are some of the basic rules and terminologies that you should know while playing the Indian rummy. These rules apply to the Indian rummy game free download versions as well.  Some of the other important terms have been discussed below.

Draw & Discard

Once, each of the players has been dealt with the cards, the player need to pick a card from the closed deck or from the open deck this process of selection is ‘draw’. After drawing a card, a player should get rid of one of his cards from his hand which is called discard.

Meld & Show

Each player is provided with 13 cards that need to arrange the cards into sets and sequences. This process of arranging the cards is called as ‘Melding’. Once these groups are made by the player, the player has to submit cards and this is called ‘Show’.


The players have the option to quit the game if they feel that the cards are not good, this is known as ‘Dropping’. The players can either drop before making a move for lesser points or drop the game in the middle.

Deck Reshuffling

When all the cards from a deck are completed then reshuffling takes place for resuming the play again. This process of reshuffling is done combining all the cards that are either dropped or discarded by the players.

Last Words

So, these are some of the basic rules that everyone should know to play Indian rummy game free download version or rummy online. These are the basic rules that apply to every type of Indian rummy variant.